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The Information Technology Professionals (ITP) Forum is an independent University of Utah group governed by an elected Board of Directors. ITP members meet monthly to discuss IT concerns shared among University colleges, departments, and organizations.

Forum Membership

Anyone who works with IT at the University of Utah is welcome to be part of the community, attend monthly meetings and other events, run for a Board of Directors position, subscribe to the ITP email list, participate in the Reddit forum, and/or join the ITP folder in Box.


Building a community of IT professionals.


Provide an environment that fosters communication and cooperation among the members of the University IT community and an opportunity to learn and improve skills.

IT Professionals Board of Directors, 2017-2018

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The IT Professionals Board consists of 6 elected members. Elections are held each April. Board terms are 2 years. Board members have certain responsibilities.

  • Doug Ressler, President - College of Engineering (Board term ends 2019; Presidential term ends 2018)
  • Heather Bennett - Utah Poison Control Center (term ends 2019)
  • Holly Christmas - College of Fine Arts (term ends 2018)
  • Jeff Folsom - Eccles Health Sciences Library (term ends 2018)
  • Steve Harper - Center for High Performance Computing (term ends 2018)
  • Angel Warkentin - Marriott Library (term ends 2019)
2017-18 Board of Directors, from left: Holly Christmas, Doug Ressler, Steve Harper, Jeff Folsom, Heather Bennett, Angel Warkentin.

2017-18 Board of Directors, from left: Holly Christmas, Doug Ressler, Steve Harper, Jeff Folsom, 
Heather Bennett, Angel Warkentin.

 UIT liaison to the Board: Cassandra Van Buren, Office of the CIO (ex officio)

Meeting Calendar

IT Professionals meet on the first Wednesday of each month, except July and January, at 12:00 pm. The meeting is held in the Gould Auditorium in the Marriott Library unless advised otherwise.

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