Network and Communications Infrastructure

Information technology infrastructure is the foundation of integrated hardware, software, and services necessary to connect computers, printers, servers, and other devices together, and communication services that allow customers to interact effectively with people both on and off campus. Network and Communications Infrastructure (NCI) provides IT infrastructure support and design; technology selection; systems management and administration; and review and development of IT policies and standards that enable and support the mission of The University of Utah.

The NCI department commits to:

  • Support and promote the productive use of technology throughout the organization
  • Use proven industry best practices
  • Ensure that all technology in place is secure, reliable, and performs as needed
  • Provide timely and effective end-user support to resolve problems and provide assistance
  • Participate with the U’s IT Governance program to select quality technology solutions designed to meet University needs
  • Protect business interests and technology investments through effective IT policies and practices, including adoption of IT service management best practices
  • Foster trust relationships, collaboration and unification across campus and University Healthcare IT entities

NCI activities:

  • Provide enterprise networking, wireless, firewall, load balancing, VPN, and web content filtering services.
  • Install, maintain, and document all voice, data, and fiber optic cable for the University including off-campus locations and clinics. Assist the Facilities Management department with designing new buildings to meet all current data needs.
  • Provide identity and access management, campus web services, database consulting and administration, systems monitoring, storage, and a robust VMware environment. We support the concept of “Plan – Build – Run.”
  • Track and analyze incoming incidents and provide timely closure.
  • Maintain physically secure production space at the Downtown Data Center, meeting or exceeding industry best practices for cooling, redundant electrical power, and network connectivity.
  • Offer for-fee contracted IT support services to campus departments in need of software, desktop, active directory, security, planning, implementation, and server support.
  • Provide voice (phone), email and calendaring, secure messaging, voice- and web-conferencing, cable television, and collaboration services to the University of Utah and University Hospitals and Clinics.

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Director: Mike Ekstrom
Network and Communications Infrastructure
The University of Utah
102 S 200 E, Suite 110
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Last Updated: 10/25/18