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IT Governance roundup for July

Teaching and Learning Portfolio

July 6 • Agenda Summary

  • Matt Irsik, head of user support and computing services, updated the portfolio on the progress made by the lab statistics task force, and presented the group’s findings and recommendations. The portfolio agreed to use existing learning spaces funds to pay for the first year of the lab statistics software solution and implementation (as a one-time deal). 
  • Paul Burrows, TLT information architect, reviewed the timeline of the recently completed Learning Spaces funding process. Jon Thomas, TLT director, then took over to explain that the August meeting of Strategic Information Technology Committee (SITC) is devoted solely to talking about the process of student computing funds are allocated, and the portoflio spent some time discussing desired outcomes from this meeting and ways in which the current process may be improved.

  • Cory Stokes, UOnline director and associate dean for Undergraduate Studies, discussed the content of an article he’d previously shared and asked the portfolio to read, which covered a study done by the University of Minnesota that asked whether or not redesigning classrooms improves the learning experience for students. A faculty committee devoted to classroom design used to exist, but has since dissolved, and the portfolio discussed the idea of bringing that committee back to life.
  • A few people are transitioning out of the portfolio: Linda Ralston, Rick Ash, and Jack Bender. Additionally, Catherine Soehner has expressed interest in having Harish Maringanti be her replacement, and Kirsten Butcher will be on sabbatical next year. The portfolio discussed the best way to fill these positions, and ultimately decided on choosing one replacement from one of four underrepresented colleges, and one from the Senate Advisory Committee on IT. They also agreed that Butcher’s acting replacement should serve on the portfolio during her absence.

Architecture and New Technology Committee (ANTC)

  • ANTC did not meet in July. The next ANTC meeting will be held on Monday, August 21, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in the Eccles Broadcast Center, Dumke Room.

Strategic Information Technology Committee (SITC)

  • SITC did not meet in July, but did approve one agenda item over email (a one-year pilot of the computer lab statistics plan).
  • The next SITC meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 15, from 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. in the Eccles Broadcast Center, Dumke Room.
Last Updated: 6/12/19