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PMO News: ServiceNow selected as UIT's project management tool

Note: This column is part of a new feature “PMO News,” which highlights current events in UIT's Project Management Office.

We're pleased to announce that after a careful review and analysis of several project management tools, including Planview, Jira, Basecamp, and ServiceNow, we've selected  ServiceNow as UIT's project management tool. ServiceNow is the tool that best meets the organization's requirements in terms of its features and benefits.

In case you didn't know, ServiceNow is the common IT service management platform used by UIT and ITS at the University of Utah, and since being introduced to the community, there have been multiple module rollouts including incident, problem, change, release, and knowledge management.

To get started with implementing ServiceNow for project management across the organization, we're launching a project we're all excited about in the PMO: ServiceNow – Project Module Implementation, Phase 1.

This module, rather than directly affecting most users, will work behind the scenes to give project sponsors a snapshot of their projects at any moment in time via a new dashboard. Managers, too, will be able to view the entire portfolio of projects their team is working on at any given time.

The addition of the project management module will provide more efficient scheduling and organization of IT projects, improving our already robust use of the ServiceNow tool and allowing IT staff to be even more responsive to the needs of their customers at the University.

The ultimate objective of this project is to provide a centralized tool for UIT and a connecting point for all our project management needs.

We're planning to reach completion of Phase 1 by mid-summer 2017, and we'll provide an update as that time gets closer.

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Did you know?

The UIT PMO is staffed with project managers who have the necessary skills and understand the processes of both IT and business. This provides the PMO the ability to manage projects undertaken by both the IT organization and campus organizations. For examples, please visit our new website for a list of projects.

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