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IT Service Management Initiative

The IT Service Management (ITSM) initiative is a collaboration between Information Technology Services (ITS) and University Information Technology (UIT). The initiative will result in a host of benefits, including a more seamless service-ordering experience and increased productivity in both the hospital and campus environments.

Project Goals & Objectives

This project will result in the development of new IT service definitions, service management policies, processes, procedures, governance structure, and support software. The public-facing platform will remain ServiceNow, which is already being used for UIT's Knowledge Base and orderable Service Catalog.

Initiative Scope

The scope of the ITSM initiative includes unifying UIT and ITS service management policies and processes, defining and implementing an organizational structure and governance system to ensure best practices, and enhancing the University's common ITSM tool, ServiceNow.


This initiative supports the University’s mission to provide best-in-class support to the University community, in turn improving user relations and enhancing productivity in the hospital and on campus. 


  • Unified set of ITSM policies and processes
  • Definition and implementation of an organizational structure that ensures the continued success of unified ITSM processes
  • Enabling the practice of the unified processes through a common ITSM tool (ServiceNow)
  • Delivering an ITSM tool that delights its users, resulting in less reliance on alternate methods


Phase 1 (January 2016 – July 2016) consists of 1) creating policies, processes, structure, and technology to support the Incident, Problem, Change, and portions of Release Management practices; and 2) migrating the legacy Service Catalog, Knowledge, and Service Request information and workflows.

Phase 2 (July 2016 – December 2016) focuses on implementing the improved Service Catalog. This includes creating a service taxonomy for use across the organization, defining IT services provided, and creating a Service Catalog and Request Catalog with automated workflow in order to heighten productivity.

Project Status - Phase 1: Complete

Incident Management Complete Complete Complete Complete
Problem Management Complete Complete Complete Complete
Change Management Complete Complete Complete Complete
Release Management Complete Complete Complete Complete
Knowledge Management Complete N/A Complete Complete
Catalog Migration N/A N/A Complete Complete
Service Request Migration N/A N/A Complete Complete

Project Status - Phase 2: In-Progress

Design User interface 100%
Design Services list and taxonomy structure 100%
Design Test update to Helsinki version 100%
Build User interface 100%
Build Service delivery workflows 50%
Build UAT upgrade to Helsinki version 100%
Deploy Helsinki version 100%
Deploy User interface 100%
Deploy Services list and taxonomy 75%
Deploy Automated workflows 50%

Project Sponsors

Jim Livingston
Chief Technology Officer

Ken Pink
Deputy Chief Information Officer

Project Team


Last Updated: 12/22/16