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Product Management (CTO)

The Product Management team in UIT's Chief Technology Officer (CTO) organization provides framework-driven support of CTO services. The team uses pragmatic product management-proven practices to help technical teams define products and services, build roadmaps, develop cost and price models, and communicate with end users and customers. The team's philosophy is “listen, learn, steer.” Team members and technical teams collaborate to implement user requirements into technical services and solutions. 

Services include:

  • Product and service enhancement requests

    CTO services include UMail, UBox, Microsoft O365 applications, conference rooms and collaboration tools, UCloud virtual machines and storage, and telephony services. To request enhancements and additional services, please visit the IT Service Catalog. (authentication is required).

  • Community of practice (CoP)

    The team facilitates the university's Collaboration Platform CoP, which is made up of individuals who use collaboration tools in their daily work. The CoP recommends collaboration solutions, integrations, and best practices.

Product Management (CTO) organizational chart

Director: Dave Huth
The University of Utah
102 S 200 E, Suite 110
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Last Updated: 6/1/22