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Why Node 4? In 1969, the University of Utah’s Computer Science Department became the fourth node of ARPANET, the world's first packet-switching computer network and precursor of today’s internet.

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New this spring semester, Marriott Library is hosting workshops on emerging technologies every Monday and Thursday from noon to 1:00 p.m. in ProtoSpace. During each session, members of the ProtoSpace team will highlight and/or demonstrate a new tool, website, or software application and discuss how it might be incorporated into coursework, curriculum, research, and projects.

Examples of emerging technologies include artificial intelligence-enabled tools, data visualization applications, cutting-edge digital equipment, and productivity software. Attendees are encouraged to suggest and lead explorations at future sessions.

IT Security tip

IT security tip: Beware of scareware

Scareware, a combination of malicious software and deceptive tactics, preys on users through pop-up scams, tricking them into believing their devices are infected with malware and prompting them to download fake antivirus software or call a phone number for assistance. These scams often mimic legitimate warnings and employ social engineering tactics to induce panic and encourage users to make rash decisions. Cybercriminals exploit users' naivete and lack of IT security knowledge to steal personal data, commit identity theft, and intimidate victims into surrendering money or bank account information.

Last Updated: 3/26/24