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IT strategic plans for the University and UIT

In May 2017, Chief Information Officer Steve Hess presented two strategic plans to the U's IT governance committees: the Architecture and New Technology Committee (ANTC), and the Strategic Information Technology Committee (SITC). First, Hess presented the UIT strategic plan for fiscal year 2016-2017 (this was informational only; no vote was required from the committees). Next, Hess presented the overall campus IT strategic plan, which needed voting approvals from both committees.

The two committees approved the campus IT strategic plan as-is, and it is now official. Both the UIT and campus IT strategic plans support the overall mission and vision of the University of Utah, and they can be viewed and downloaded below.

UIT FY18 Strategic Plan Campus IT Strategic Plan
Image of page one of the UIT strategic plan

Image of page one of the campus IT strategic plan

Image of page two of the campus IT strategic plan

Last Updated: 2/12/18