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Instructure CTO to talk at All-Hands Meeting

Company runs U's learning-management platform, Canvas

Joel Dehlin, Chief Technology Officer for Instructure, will speak at the UIT All-Hands Meeting on March 7.UPDATE: Click here for video of the UIT All-Hands meeting.

UIT is shaking things up for the next All-Hands Meeting on Friday, March 7 and we’ve got an exciting agenda planned. We are especially excited to host our distinguished guest speaker, Chief Technology Officer Joel Dehlin of Instructure, the company behind Canvas, the University’s primary learning-management system.

A published author and self-labeled nerd, Dehlin has always been passionate about education and technology, and has an impressive track record in both fields. He developed his love for teaching while an American Heritage instructor at Brigham Young University, and has since spent the past 25 years teaching on and off at various schools and universities.

In his 10 years at Microsoft, he worked on the original product, in the mobile devices division, and as the executive producer and co-designer of Microsoft Allegiance. He’s spent a career creating innovative products, and has 15 patents to show for it.

While Dehlin has held prominent positions at other established companies such as Arthur Andersen, the LDS Church, and O.C. Tanner, he ultimately prefers to work for startups. So when Instructure offered him a job that gave him the best of both worlds — education and technology — he knew it was the perfect fit. Now, he meets with teachers, administrators, and students from institutions all over the country to better understand how they work and think, and most important, how Canvas might just make their jobs a little bit easier.

Dehlin will be speak to UIT employees about how his company does product development while continuing to stay motivated.

The day will open with mingling and project success poster sessions before the event gets underway. UIT employees from various departments will showcase current projects and the progress and success surrounding them.

Be sure to come early, grab some food, and stop by each table to see what your colleagues have been up to. Trust us — this is an event you won’t want to miss!

Last Updated: 5/7/21