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IT governance roundup

University Support Services portfolio

Feb. 19 • Members were shown new tools to help track and prioritize projects. The portfolio will transition to a deadline-based submission process. Members will prioritize the secondary-queue projects after one-page summaries are made available. See the full summary here.

Infrastructure portfolio

Feb. 12 • The group was updated regarding the “one network” concept. A committee will be formed to make recommendations about how to move forward. Dan Bowden shared an overview of the information security policy. Final compliance measures are being taken for the payment card information audit. See the full summary here.

Teaching and Learning portfolio

Feb. 26 • The portfolio selected criteria for choosing which project requests would receive eClassroom funding for audio-visual installations. See the full summary here.

Operational IT Committee

Feb. 20 • A model to determine whether a technology service or resource should be funded as a “common-good service” was approved. Members discussed the latest on the University’s involvement with Kuali. The group agreed to engage the Council of Academic Deans in the discussion of whether to adopt a “one network” approach at the University of Utah. See the full summary here.

Last Updated: 5/7/21