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All-Hands Meeting photos and roundup

By Emily Rushton

The UIT All-Hands Meeting kicked off on September 30 with Chief Information Officer Steve Hess presenting the state of UIT, including introducing new hires, giving an update on the Deloitte IT assessment, and covering the progress of UIT’s strategic plan.

Deputy CIO Ken Pink then took the stage with a call to recognize all service veterans in honor of the upcoming Veteran’s Day. Pink then asked all employees who had recently earned certifications and/or college degrees to stand and be recognized, while a slideshow of their names ran in the background.

Jim Livingston, Chief Technology Officer, took over after Pink with a service management initiative update.

To close out the meeting’s agenda, the Taylor Service Award Committee members each took turns speaking about the award and nominees: Kiston Finney (Information Service Office), Brad Grow (University Support Services), Doug Kenner (University Support Services), and Peter Panos (UIT Finance). Hess came back up to announce the final winner, Peter Panos, who received a plaque and check for $500.

The meeting ended with an open forum Q&A session.

To view the presentation recording, slides, and/or the handout, please visit this page. Below are photos from the event.

Last Updated: 4/13/21