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Week 4: Cybersecurity Training for U Employees

The Information Security Office (ISO) recently launched a new training program designed for main campus employees (excluding U Health staff). This training focuses on what faculty and staff can do to protect themselves and the university from cyberthreats.

Interested employees can access the course in the Bridge learning management system under Information Security Training.

UIT employees who are licensed to use Udemy can access additional cybersecurity training through the University of Utah’s Udemy website. Subscribers can browse available courses under IT and Software: Network and Security, or search for lectures in the menu bar at the top of the web page.

Because U Health employees deal directly with federally protected personal health information (PHI), the university mandates information security training. The course, which HR provides to new hires, can be accessed after logging in to the Learning Management System (LMS). U Health employees should contact their designated HR personnel if they have questions about U policies or the training.

Last Updated: 9/30/18