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Strategic Planning and Process Team

Discover how things currently work by identifying triggers, activities, and results; then add detail about the who and when. Design effective and sustainable improvements using structured frameworks for workflow modeling and analysis. Learn and apply effective change management principles to encourage adoption and utilization.

Process analysis and design

For us, process is more than just inputs, outputs, and taskflows. We take a holistic approach, building upon organizational strengths and leveraging the knowledge of stakeholders to create shared understanding across functional areas and teams. We strive to create an experience that helps you better understand your work so you can develop pragmatic and workable solutions that align with your strategic goals.

The people side of change

Whether it involves new processes, policies, or technologies, successful organizational change depends on individual change. When people are supported in making their personal transitions, change efforts are more likely to succeed. Our experts can help you envision, plan, and execute your organizational change strategy.

Learn more about managing organizational change.

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Last Updated: 9/7/23