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All-Hands Meeting photos and survey results

New format proves a popular change

By Scott Sherman

UIT’s All-Hands Meeting on March 7 brought a new twist to the event, featuring Instructure Chief Technology Officer Joel Dehlin as a guest speaker.

The morning started off with a poster session featuring some of the projects underway in UIT. Geoff Gough officially kicked off the more formal part of the meeting in a decidedly informal way, channeling Ellen DeGeneres’ viral social media photo from the Oscars — but with UIT’s directors instead.

After recognizing UIT employees for their years of service, Gough turned the mike over to Dehlin, whose entertaining presentation about IT projects and software coding took a different approach than many in attendance were expecting.

To finish out the event, CIO Eric Denna highlighted the updated Top 10 UIT priorities.

This is a new approach for the All-Hands Meetings, which will incorporate more guest speakers and professional development opportunities going forward. Your feedback has also provided some ideas for the next one. Expect to see exciting things in the future!

What did you think?

Below are the results of two surveys taken as part of the All-Hands Meeting.

This graphic shows how people responded to the question "After attending the 3/7 meeting, would you recommend the UIT All-Hands Meeting to a UIT colleague? Of the 69 responses, on a scale of 0 to 10, 22 people said 10. Eleven people said 9; 10 said 8, 11 said 7; 4 said 6; 6 said 5; 2 said 4; 1 said 3; 1 said 2, 0 said 1, 1 said 0. On another question, when asked whether they preferred this meeting format to past formats, 49 people said yes, 7 said no, and 13 didn't know.

This graphic shows the answers to a UIT communications survey. When asked how well UIT communicates with employees, 3 said excellently, 22 said pretty well, 10 said about right, 18 said could be better, 1 said terribly. When asked how communication has changed in the past 12 months, 27 said it was much better, 17 said slightly better, 10 said about the same, and 1 said much worse. When asked how do you feel about Node 4 newsletters and podcasts, 23 said really like them, 22 said good stuff, 8 said they're OK, 1 said could be better, 1 said don't care. When asked how frequently would you like Node 4 newsletters to come out, 3 said put stories online more often, 42 said keep it monthly, 5 said every 2 months, 6 said once a quarter.





Last Updated: 5/6/21