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Box provides a safe storage solution for campus, hospital

Enterprise agreement gives 50GB to students, faculty, staff

By Scott Sherman

These days, collaboration among co-workers means sharing files across multiple devices, constant access to critical files, central versioning, data security — all things that will become much easier now that the University of Utah has signed an agreement with Box.

Using a University email address and the standard CIS login credentials will allow students, faculty, and staff to gain access to an enterprise Box account with features that far surpass the service’s personal account.

For starters, U accounts will come with a standard 50GB* of storage and a file-size limit of 10GB** — far beyond the 25MB limit on the personal version. University Information Technology is working on a roll-out plan to make enterprise Box accounts available as early as this summer, with hopes to have them available for everyone by the start of fall semester.

If you already have a personal Box account that you created using your email address, Box recommends that you change your personal account to use a different email address. You then will be able to activate a new University of Utah Box account and share any files from the original account. Box will allow IT professionals to manage their users.

This service, which is available through Internet2 NET+, is funded by a combination of Hospital/Health Sciences, Vice President of Research, and UIT resources.

The following features are only available with enterprise accounts:

  • Password-protected sharing
  • Faster uploads
  • Full text search
  • Download statistics and tracking
  • Role-based access
  • Version history (up to ten versions)
  • Support for Google Apps integration
  • Dedicated support
  • Secure storage, HIPAA-compliant Business Associate Agreement (BAA)
  • Group-based access
  • Single sign on (University CAS)
  • Active Directory groups
  • Mobile device management
  • Group accounts for colleges and departments

* As of Spring 2016, standard storage increased to 1 TB

** As of Spring 2016, file size limit increased to 15GB

Last Updated: 4/13/21