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Governance roundup for Dec 2014 - Jan 2015

Operational IT Committee

Nov. 20 • Patricia Hanna presented a list of membership changes for the University Support Services portfolio, as well as a more detailed charter better describing the role of the committee. Chief Human Resource Officer Jeff Herring presented a proposal to obtain a more robust information security tool that would integrate with PeopleSoft and allow for multi-factor authentication and increased data forensics. Interim Chief Information Officer Steve Corbató updated the group regarding the University of Utah’s position in Kuali after recent changes to the project.

Teaching and Learning Portfolio

Nov. 19 • The group discussed the costs of implementing an audio/video classroom refurbishment schedule of six years or seven years. They determined there is a need at a later date to better define what makes a classroom eligible to join this schedule. Members also discussed whether to adjust maintenance allocations in the student fee process. Interim Teaching & Learning Technologies Director Jon Thomas proposed creating a new request for proposals that is transparent about the committee’s concerns and the need for more detailed reporting. No action was taken at this time.

Dec. 17 • Thomas presented an updated plan for allocating student computing fees through the request process. The plan begins by putting applicable classrooms on a six-year refurbishment cycle, but phases that in with an eight-year cycle on the first year and a seven-year cycle on the second year. The overall maintenance funds would be reduced, and some of the unrelated expenses previously reported as using maintenance fees would instead be asked to go through the proposal process. A central contingency fund would be established for large unforeseen expenses. The group suggested that maintenance costs now be part of the proposals, rather than an automatic figure based on the size of the proposal, and maintain the contingency fund as discussed. Further, a task force would meet with proposal submitters to ensure they are aware of existing resources that fit their needs or to gain further information about requests. The portfolio agreed to adopt this model.


Dec. 11 • Common Infrastructure Services Director Mike Ekstrom offered an update on the NextNet (formerly One Network) effort. He said the final report is still being drafted, as there are several narratives that need to be worked together. He then showed a graph of data obtained during the process that shows a strong correlation between ports and square footage in a building. That information could help estimate network costs in future construction. Ultimately the portfolio agrees to seek a final committee report that acknowledges there are spending concerns to be addressed by the University, approve the search for a network architect, begin gathering requirements and process details, and await the decision of the University regarding funding before pressing forward with a hard design. Unified Communications Director Caprice Post presented the new login page for Box. HIPAA security expert Kiston Finney walked the portfolio through the proposed security rules and processes that will go into informing people about how data must be secured. The approach focuses on the data, rather than the position of the people who handle it, to determine what security measures must be in place. This will help the University decide which systems and risks to address with the resources available. A formal communications plan was requested. The group voted to send the matter to the Operational Information Technology Committee in February and see the final draft of the proposed rules in March.

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