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All-Hands Meeting photos and roundup

By Emily Rushton

At the UIT All-Hands meeting on March 2, CIO Steve Hess began by thanking everyone for attending and stressing how much he valued each person in UIT.

"You're very important to the University; I hope you all understand and know that," he said. "I want you to know that I value what each of you do, your preparation, how much you care about the institution, and I really want to make this a good place to work."

He then brought Deputy CIO Steve Corbató up and thanked him for the good work Corbató accomplished while he was Interim CIO. 

"It's hard to be an interim," said Hess. "We really appreciate all he's done."

After giving a special appreciation to the UIT leadership team for their hard work, Hess spoke a little about his history with the U, including what led him to becoming CIO again. 

"It's so important to know that the person at the head [of the organization] knows what he or she is doing, that they really care about the people that work under them," he said. "And I want you to know that I care about all of you."

Hess then introduced three key hires for UIT: Russ Knight, inventory manager for Finance; Tom Howa, associate director for University Support Services; and Jon Thomas, director for Teaching & Learning Technologies. Each gave a brief introduction and described what he hoped to accomplish in his position.

For the last half of the meeting, Hess presented the UIT org chart, spoke about the importance of a graduation rate metric, reviewed the U's mission statement, and explained UIT's mission and how it aligns with the University of Utah. 

Hess ended the meeting with a Q&A. 

To view the presentation recording, slides, and/or the handout, please visit this page. Below are photos from the event. 

Last Updated: 4/13/21