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All-Hands Meeting photos and roundup

By Emily Rushton

UIT’s All-Hands Meeting on November 19 focused on one major theme: the importance of collaboration.

The morning started off with Steve Corbató, Interim CIO, welcoming the staff and speaking about collaboration and what it means for UIT as an organization. He shared three important thoughts about collaboration: 1) “It’s amazing what gets done when no one cares who gets the credit,” 2) “Collaboration facilitates change,” and 3) “We succeed when our partners succeed.” 

After recognizing UIT’s veterans in honor of Veteran’s Day earlier this month, Corbató then turned the floor over to five staff members from various UIT departments to speak about their recent collaboration projects. The departments represented included the Center for High Performance Computing (CHPC), Common Infrastructure Services (CIS), Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT), and University Support Services (USS).

Elliot Fenech, technical supervisor for CIS, spoke about his group’s increased unified monitoring efforts; Barb Iannucci, content & usability manager for USS, covered their solution to replace the current CIS application with an updated look and new features; Anita Orendt, assistant director for CHPC, touched on three separate research-related collaboration projects; Dan Thornley, associate director for USS, covered the Oracle upgrade and PeopleSoft split project; and Brett Puzey, installation manager for TLT, closed out the presentations with his talk on establishing standard learning spaces across campus.

Corbató then took the floor, covering UIT updates and changes, recognizing multiple staff members and new hires, highlighting coming challenges and thanking UIT staff for their hard work, before turning the mic over to John Nixon, Chief Business Officer (CBO).

Nixon spoke about his time working for the state of Michigan and how he plans to apply that experience in his role as CBO. He explained that his goal is to elevate the status of information technology within the University, and emphasized the importance of collaboration within UIT. "If we're not working together, we're not going to achieve what we need to achieve," he said. 

Corbató and Nixon then closed the meeting with an open Q&A session.

You can watch a video recording of the All-Hands Meeting here. Below are photos of the event.


Last Updated: 4/13/21