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IT governance roundup

Teaching and Learning Portfolio

Aug. 27 • The portfolio discussed this year's allocation of student computing fees and some of the lessons learned during that process. The committee noted a number of items to revisit at the time. This meeting focused on addressing those items, with the understanding that there may be exceptions to the guidelines that could be considered during the request process. The items discussed included software virtualization, student file storage, video capturing and streaming services, software licensing for Adobe and Microsoft products, equipment-replacement lifecycle, print management systems, faculty-specific hardware and software. The portfolio also requested UIT look into a way to get standardized statistics for computer lab use.s

University Support Services Portfolio

Sept. 16 • The portfolio was given an update about changes to in the Kuali community-sourced software consortium, which recently added a for-profit arm. The University of Utah is committed to continue its role in the project through June, and university leadership will evaluate whether the new model is one in which it wants to remain a partner. Some membership and charter changes will be proposed for the group in the coming weeks. The group also was updated about upcoming demonstrations of electronic document management software. The evaluation committee will be looking for a solution for Admissions specifically, but is also evaluating with the broader campus needs in mind.


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Last Updated: 5/7/21