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UCloud is a game-changing, enterprise-level service using a completely new set of technologies, tools, and processes that bring the university in line with today's industry best practices for virtualization and storage.

Seamlessly integrating university-owned on-site cloud services with public cloud services (e.g., Amazon Web Services and Azure), UCloud provides better security and control over university data, as well as the ability to rapidly scale up or down.


Cutting-edge software-defined everything

One of the industry's most powerful automation engines manages networking, data storage, computing, and data center infrastructure.

Self-service web portal

Ordering and setup happens in a single self-service web portal with an Amazon-like experience.


Choose to maintain administrative control, or simply "set it and forget it" to automate common operational tasks (e.g., software deployment, maintenance, and patches).

Leading-edge security

UCloud enables security and compliance automation, providing improved risk mitigation.

Low cost

In comparison to public cloud services, UCloud is less expensive to set up and maintain.

User account management

Optional Active Directory integration simplifies account setup and logins.

Automated network provisioning

Administrators can quickly provision network services to support UCloud-based services.


Costs for virtual machines per month

Licensing for Windows Server is included

Base cost per virtual machine, standard CPU $45.00
RAM per GB $2.00
Red Hat (RHEL) per GB $2.00
Non-production storage per GB $0.12
Production storage, backup in Tonaquint Data Center, per GB $0.125
Tier 0 storage, backup replicated between Tonaquint Data Center and Downtown Data Center, per GB $0.13

Public cloud costs per month

Public cloud service fees Variable depending on service provider and level of service


Coming soon!

Last Updated: 2/28/22