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UMarket e-commerce application

UMarket has two options for accepting online payments.  A UMarket account provides University branding continuity, secure payment processing, and automated funding. UMarket consists of a shopping cart or a single checkout page.  This request for will walk you through the process to obtain a new UMarket account. 

Shopping Cart - The shopping cart may be used as a free standing website for merchandise, registration, fees, or ticketing.  The shopping cart maintains a database of all order and registration data.  The shopping cart also has the ability to deposit to multiple chartfields.  Each product could have its own chartfield, or all products can have the same chartfield.  The shopping cart allows the customer to purchase multiple items with a single order. 

Checkout Page - The checkout page is most often used when a department has their own web form or a third party vendor application.   You will be responsible for having a web-form created that is hosted on your department website.  To use a third party vendor, the vendor must be approved by Income Accounting before a contract is signed. 

Your web-form or the third-party vendor application may send parameters to the checkout page (i.e. Name, Address, Phone #, email, & amount), before the customer is taken to the secure payment page to complete their payment.  If you have a variable amount, such as an invoice, a web-form can send that amount to the checkout page.  Otherwise, a fixed amount can is configured for the checkout page.  A post-back can be sent to the web-form database or vendor application to show the payment has been completed.  The UMarket Administrator will help you through this process.  The checkout page can only deposit to one chartfield.  

Once you have completed this request form, it will be sent to Income Accounting for review.  You will be contacted within 1-3 business days to go over the details of your request.  The UMarket Administrator will assist you with completing the online training and access to your UMarket account.

You will be responsible for configuring your shopping cart or checkout page, as well as making any future changes to products, verbiage, or other details.  During this configuration your UMarket account will be in “TEST MODE”.  You may do as much testing as you wish without the payment charging a credit card. However the testing allows you to see the whole process from beginning to end.  When you are ready, the UMarket administrator will make your UMarket account “LIVE”.  In a LIVE state, your UMarket account will be ready to accept payments.

You will be responsible for getting the links (URL’s) to your UMarket shopping cart or checkout page on your department website.

Please contact Income Accounting, at 581-5764, with any questions. 

Primary Contact Information

(University of Utah ID - e.g. u0123456)

Department Address


Cognizant Authority
The individual in your department ultimately accountable for shopping cart transactions

University of Utah ID - e.g. u0123456

Additional Users
List any other users from your department who will need access to configure (administrator) and/or monitor (customer service) your UMarket account

UMarket Implementation Information

(e.g. students, faculty, staff, alumni, general public)?


This is the URL that will display when your customers access your shopping cart. i.e. You may use your department name or an acronym that describes the purpose of the shopping cart. It should be as general as possible rather than a specific event. Income accounting can help you come up with something if needed.

Finance Information

Donation only items should be processed through the Development Office using Ugive. UMarket is not an appropriate method to collect donations only. Partial donations included in the pricing, such as an event ticket, is acceptable.

Must enter at least one chartfield. Revenue account codes only. i.e. 40385-40412 Miscellaneous Income; 40420-40486 Other Goods and Services; 40610-40616 Program Activites; 40625 Programs

Expense account code only. i.e. 64000-64019 Service charges / Fees

Last Updated: 9/13/22