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About Us

Under the leadership of Chief Information Officer Steve Hess, University Information Technology (UIT) strives to provide stable, dependable, and secure IT access for students, faculty, staff, clinicians, patients, and researchers. As the central IT service provider for campus, UIT is responsible for many of the University of Utah's most critical common IT resources including the campus network; the Campus Information Services (CIS) portal; UMail, telephone, and online collaboration services;  information security; software licensing; and a host of other systems and applications. Research/high performance computing and teaching/learning technologies also have reporting relationships to the UIT organization.

In addition to managing these important services, UIT also works with other departments across the University to ensure each area has the resources it needs to fulfill its mission.

UIT Leadership Team | UIT organizational charts | UIT units

UIT Vision

A trusted partner and leader, transforming information technology services and solutions

UIT Mission

  • To support the University’s mission to foster path-breaking scholarship and providing high-quality affordable education and health care
  • To provide timely, secure, and reliable access to information, communication and technology services
  • To extend access to University resources to a diverse constituency regardless of time, place, or device

UIT Values

  • We seek effective solutions that meet the needs of our clients and can save time and money, minimize duplication, and improve processes
  • We solve problems through a consensual and collaborative best practices approach
  • We provide secure, reliable access to information and services
  • We protect University data and systems while respecting our community’s reasonable expectation of privacy
  • We keep our commitments
  • We value teamwork and the contributions of our employees and the campus IT community
  • We value open, honest communication
  • We listen
  • We are rapid followers in adopting leading-edge technology
Last Updated: 5/30/17