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ITX - University of Utah IT Exchange


The University of Utah ITX, or IT Exchange, is an independent technical discussion group that complements the existing technical IT communities on campus to provide a forum in which interested parties can delve deeper into technical topics, further our combined broad wealth of knowledge, and learn from each other by sharing of knowledge. 


Anyone in the University of Utah IT community is welcome. We invite all interested parties to participate so that collectively we can better understand the technical aspects of campus IT needs and work together to explore the application of technologies to better the IT infrastructure.  We meet regularly to discuss relevant technical topics and share perspectives and experiences. ITX is led by a group of volunteers from various IT organizations. The leadership team helps insure that the group moves in a positive direction and that the topics covered offer broad value and opportunities for people to be involved.

Meeting announcements are sent to the group via our email list (see subscription instructions to the right) as well as to other campus lists, such as the IT Professionals list, letting people know of upcoming meetings and topics. The ITX group mailing list is also used for continuing technical discussion between meetings.

Meeting topics

Recent, current, and future topics are available in Google Docs.


Meeting schedule

Document sharing for members (must be logged into


Subscribe to the ITX email list using subject line SUBSCRIBE ITX 

ITX Leadership

Brian Haymore

Jason Stidd

Last Updated: 6/27/22