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Digital assistants and other cloud-based benefits

Microsoft Viva

If you could patent a one-size-fits-all tool guaranteed to make every employee and student happier and more productive, you would, right? So would Microsoft, Box, and other cloud service companies, which is why they regularly offer cloud-based products with these goals in mind.

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The U is implementing privileged access management. Here's why.

The BeyondTrust logo

The university and its resources are under attack every day. However, by implementing stronger controls on privilege, and on all accounts for those resources, we can make the attackers work much harder to move around laterally and vertically.

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University-wide Microsoft Teams migration begins this month

Microsoft Teams

Starting this week, UIT will begin the university-wide migration of Skype for Business chat and collaboration and voice accounts to Microsoft Teams. UIT’s Account Executives will work directly with departments that depend on Skype for Business for voice services and conference rooms.

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Please state your U affiliation in inbound calls, voicemail greetings

New FCC rules help block robocallers.

When answering calls to your university phone number, please identify your affiliation with the University of Utah or University of Utah Health. Similarly, when recording voicemail greetings, please identify your U affiliation in the message.

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Digital security tip: Prepare now for seasonal cyberattacks

Criminals will try to scam you during the holidays.

As we prepare for holiday season, criminals are thinking about ways they can capitalize on current events and issues. By thinking ahead and staying alert, however, we can better prepare for potential phishing schemes, social engineering, and other cyberattacks.

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Still using the AnyConnect VPN? Please switch to GlobalProtect now.

Illustration shows an open lock among a group of closed locks.

Time to transition to the university’s new Palo Alto GlobalProtect virtual private network (VPN) client is running out. University of Utah and University of Utah Health staff members must install and start to use the client before Friday, December 31, 2021.

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IT governance roundup


The Strategic Information Technology Committee (SITC) met on November 9. The Enterprise Web Advisory Council (EWAC), Architecture and New Technology Committee (ANTC), and Teaching and Learning Portfolio (TLP) did not meet in November.

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Last Updated: 4/13/21