Project Management Office (PMO)

From left, Clay Postma, Piotr Pawlikowski, Jody Sluder,  Earl Lewis, Jill Brinton, and Jayci Minjares.

From left, Clay Postma. Piotr Pawlikowski, Jody Sluder, 
Earl Lewis, Associate Director
Jill Brinton, and Jayci Minjares.
Not pictured: Rachael Sheedy.

The PMO is here to help you manage strategic, tactical or operational projects. Our project managers will:

  • Manage your endeavor through the project lifecycle
  • Apply project management best practices
  • Assist you with project status reports
  • Engage with customer end user, vendor and sponsor
  • Oversee project communication, among other processes

If you would like project management assistance, or have questions regarding an active or closed project, please email PMO Associate Director Jill Brinton.

The UIT Business Case Template can be found here.

Project Office Team

The PMO Office has moved to 102 Tower,
5th floor (northeast side)

Jill Brinton PMP

Associate Director

Earl Lewis PMP, CSM
Senior IT Project Manager

Piotr Pawlikowski PMP
Senior IT Project Manager

Clay Postma PMP
Senior IT Project Manager

Jayci Minjares CSM
IT Project Manager

Rachael Sheedy PMP
Senior IT Project Manager

Jody Sluder CAPM, CSM
IT Project Manager

News & Updates

The PMO welcomes our newest member, Rachael Sheedy. Rachael comes from the Identity & Access Management group and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our PMO!

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Project Management Templates

What is Project Management?

Project Management Institute

Project Management Lifecycle

Active Projects

Relocate fiber optic and copper cable, which currently routes through four manholes in the direct path of construction for the new Ambulatory Care Complex at the University Hospital. 

Note: This project has been placed on hold pending FY2018 budgets.

Retire DNS services that are running in the AD domain of the University IT Active Directory environment. DNS services for machines using Active Directory DNS will be moved to the enterprise Infoblox platform.

Provide solutions for how calls are routed to call centers, provide reply options for text reminders, UI to add/modify reminder translations, and several other deliverables that will enhance the appointment reminder experience.

Connect life safety copper phone lines to the newly-relocated copper from the vendor.

Replace approximately 4,000 Centrex phones with an Avaya or Skype solution.

Upgrade telephone network from trunking to session managers.

New technology called session managers will allow for redundancy and maintenance.

This project involves pulling in employee elevated access data for high-risk applications for review and approval.

Transition to an IT funding model that allows for greater coordination of IT activity, management of IT spend, and return on IT investments across the University.

This project will address the issue of the ending support of the currently-used version 9.1. In addition to the PS upgrade, additional features and functions will be added to the PeopleTools application, as well as the ability to support and maintain the PUM platform. This upgrade will allow the U to take advantage of many new features and functions not currently available.

Retire old Solaris servers housed in the Downtown Data Center.

The development of service management policies, processes, procedures, governance structure, and enabling of software to support the Asset Management practices of the organization.

The development of service management policies, processes, procedures, governance structure, and enabling of software to support the Configuration Management practices of the organization.

This application will allow for the system-centralized and standardized way of managing projects and reporting on their progress to management. We are currently working on Phase 1 of implementation.

Move student email accounts to Microsoft Exchange Online cloud-hosted email solution.

Deploy endpoint (individual computer) security software that will assist with identifying security threats and vulnerabilities to all workstations that access sensitive or protected University data.

Develop a closed-loop process, procedures and workflows for updating classroom network technologies that will be utilized by Teaching & Learning Technologies as it performs periodic/scheduled updates to all classrooms on campus.

The development of new functionality within the existing uBenefits application to replace the manual process of updating job and/or life events changes to employee benefits packages.

Define policy for UIT data backup and recovery procedures, protocols, and standards.

Partner with Shorelight Education to recruit international students and provide bridge programs to ensure success towards undergraduate graduations.

Upgrade 4+ versions of Verint, a workforce optimization application, which will streamline processes and allow everything to be done through one centralized web page.

Identify and propose a web hosting strategy for the U. Compare current hosting solutions to various cloud solutions. 

2FA for CAS Web
HSC Vocera Network Migration
Legacy Coral Phone System Replacement
Network Backbone Upgrade
Nurse Call Migration
Replace ULogin
UIT Platform Services, Phase 1 - 2FA Servers



Last Updated: 8/3/17