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PMO News: Legacy phone system Coral officially decommissioned

Note: This column is part of a semi-regular Node 4 feature “PMO News,” which highlights current events in UIT's Project Management Office.

By Jayci Minjares and Syndi Haywood

The Coral phone system was implemented in 2005 as a replacement system for off-campus clinics acquired by U Health. Over the last few years, however, we've been transitioning off-site clinics to newer systems that provide more capabilities. In an effort to promote efficiencies, UIT Leadership and UIT's Network & Communications Infrastructure (NCI) group made the decision to begin decommissioning Coral - one of four different phone systems on campus.

On April 4, 2017, the Coral project merged with the Health Sciences Campus Centrex Phone Replacements project. On top of that, the need to migrate 800 Vocera phone lines to a new platform was introduced and, along with the Coral replacements, both projects were fast-tracked for timely completion due to another project, Infrastructure Relocation, being initiated for the Ambulatory Care Complex (ACC). (Note: Vocera is the wearable communication system that hospitals and clinics use).

Replacing 700 phone sets and their technology, and migrating 800 phone lines to a new platform within such a short time frame does not sound like a large effort to some, but as we learned throughout the execution process of the projects, it’s not simply replacing a phone set or plugging in a phone cable into a different slot. There are many tasks that each person in NCI had to undertake alongside their daily operational duties. It was a collaborative effort, and the PMO is grateful for UIT Account Executives, Service Coordinators, Voice Engineers, Phone Technicians, Warehouse Management, and the Network Operation Center's involvement to complete both projects in a timely manner.

Did you know?

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Last Updated: 7/3/17