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Frequently asked questions

Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), Information Technology Services (ITS), University Health Strategy, University Information Technology (UIT), and University Medical Billing (UMB) all work here.

Parking policies vary by department. Please contact your hiring manager with questions. Visit our Policies page for information on parking restrictions and visitor parking.

Please visit our Commuter Information page for a quick glance at commuting options. In addition to driving personal vehicles, many 102 Tower employees commute via Utah Transit Authority (UTA) services, e.g., Frontrunner, TRAX light rail, and UTA buses.

Employees are welcome (and encouraged) to ride bicycles to work. Please review our bicycle storage policy.

Campus shuttles (BSB to U Hospital line) pick-up/drop-off on the east side of 102 Tower, along S. 200 E. Check out the shuttle schedule running between campus and downtown with the "Live Tracker" app. Please visit our Commuter Information page for more details.

Guests of non-UMB employees should sign in with the Front Desk, located on the first floor, south side of the lobby.

Front Desk phone: 801-213-3355 or 801-581-8999
Front Desk email:

The mail room is located on the 1st floor adjacent to the Front Desk. UIT and ITS employees at 102 Tower have individual mail folders, found in the drawers on the west side of the room. Most mail will be placed in your folder for self-service pick-up. 

Packages and checks are safeguarded by Front Desk staff in their work area. Bulk mail items, such as Continuum magazines, are available on mail room shelves. Front Desk staff will not send email notifications to employees when letters, postcards, flyers, etc. are delivered. They will email notifications to you when packages and checks are delivered in your name. Please speak to the staff to retrieve checks and packages.

  1. Please check your mail folder weekly, and promptly pick up packages/checks when Front Desk staff send notifications.
  2. Interdepartmental/campus mail that has not been retrieved within seven days will be returned to sender.
  3. Packages that have not been retrieved within three weeks of delivery will be returned to sender.

Package pick-up

All packages — FedEx, FedEx Express, UPS, and USPS — should be brought to the 102 Tower mailroom on the first floor and placed in the appropriate bin. Drivers cannot pickup packages at your desk as each floor has restricted access.

FedEx Ground, UPS, and USPS collect packages daily. However, if you need to send a package immediately, you can schedule pickup through FedEx Ground or FedEx Express online or by phone and then bring those items to the mailroom for pickup.

Yes. Leadership requires that university photo ID badges are worn and clearly visible, with no pins or stickers attached, except those approved by the U Card Office, HR, Security, or the Environment of Care committee. Please review the Badge & Tailgating policy for complete details.

Non-UMB employees who forget or cannot locate their badges may obtain a temporary badge at the Front Desk.

Appropriate business attire is required when in 102 Tower and when meeting off-site with colleagues for business purposes. Please dress neatly and exercise common sense in selecting clothing and footwear appropriate for a business environment. Ultimately, dress code policies vary by department, so please see your supervisor if you have any questions. 

Sorry, personal refrigerators or space heaters are prohibited as they are an excessive drain on electricity. There is plenty of refrigerator space on each floor.

The HR Analyst for U campus employees at 102 Tower is:

Elena Sharma
Phone: 801-213-1395

Please contact Sharma to schedule office hours.

Supply areas vary by floor and department. Please ask your manager for more information. Generally speaking, paper is stored near printer/copier machines on all floors.

102 Tower contains 43 conference rooms. Some are small and accomodate 3-4 people, while others are large enough for 50-60 people. There are also multiple open collaboration spaces. 

Each conference room has a wall-mounted monitor and is Microsoft Teams-enabled.

All the rooms will be in Outlook. Schedule them the same as current rooms.

  • Names will be as follows:
    • 102 Tower – Rm number – Room name (room number will start with floor number)
    • Rooms are named after National Parks
  • Open collaboration spaces are designed for quick, impromptu meetings, and are not reserved. Please use common courtesy in these areas as they are immediately adjacent to employee work spaces. All collaboration spaces have wall-mounted monitors.

Those who smoke and/or use e-cigarette products may do so in the designated smoking area (or elsewhere 25 feet or more from the building entrances and air intakes). The designated smoking area for 102 Tower is on the south side of the building, at the ashtray located in the loading dock area.

Smoking in the building, and smoking too close to building entrances and air intakes, are violations of the Utah Indoor Clean Air Act. We are legally bound to maintain a 25 foot smoke-free buffer around the building.

Please visit our Emergency Procedures page for more information, including the location of our Emergency Assembly Point (the Episcopal Diocese of Utah courtyard).

Fundraiser/sales solicitation and purchases need to be conducted during non-work or break time. Please read our Fundraiser/Sales Activity Policy for complete details.

First aid kits and automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are located on every floor. On the 1st floor, aid they're available in the break room. On the 2nd through 7th floors, they are available in the hallways near the restrooms.

Please contact your manager, or call/text U Facilities Manager Tom Jennings at 801-860-8586.

Last Updated: 2/14/24