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Second-hand smoke drawn into the building’s HVAC system adversely affects fellow employees. Smoking in the building, and smoking too close to building entrances and air intakes, are violations of the Utah Indoor Clean Air Act, which prohibits smoking and using e-cigarettes within 25 feet of any entrance, exit, or air intake. Violation of the Act can result in civil monetary penalties ranging from $100 to $10,000 for the individual offender and/or organization; criminal charges; and other consequences. 

Those who smoke and/or use e-cigarette products may do so in the designated smoking area (or elsewhere 25 feet or more from the building entrances and air intakes). The designated smoking area for 102 Tower is on the south side of the building, at the ashtray located in the loading dock area.

Note: Failure to follow 102 Tower parking policies will result in a parking ticket, towing, and/or disciplinary action.

Visitor stalls

Employees based in 102 Tower may not not park in visitor stalls to the south of the building or in the 102 Tower garage. Visitor stalls are intended for all building tenants’ visitors.

Guests' vehicles may be parked in spots marked with "Visitor" signs inside the garage and at the outside parking area for up to one hour only. Vehicles that remain in visitor stalls for more than one hour will be ticketed.

If guests will need to remain parked for longer than one hour, they should enter the garage and park in a stall that is not marked in any way — not a visitor stall or any other marked stall. This applies to all guests, including U employees who do not work in 102 Tower.

Parking validation

Front Desk staff are not currently available to check in visitors or validate parking. 102 Tower employees may not request parking validation for parking in visitor stalls. When full Front Desk staffing resumes, visitors will be required to provide identification to request parking validations for the garage to ensure that 102 Tower employees are not receiving validated parking. Individuals will be required to verify whether or not they are a U employee based in 102 Tower.

Named/designated stalls

Please do not park in named stalls or stalls designated for specific orgs or teams (e.g., UIT, ITS, Fleet Services) unless you have been authorized by your manager to do so. For a first offense, a $50 parking ticket will be issued to unauthorized drivers who park in named or designated stalls. Second and subsequent offenses will result in towing of the vehicle and supervisor notification.

Electric car charging stations

Four charging stations for electric vehicles are located on the first floor, just east (left) of the north entrance to the garage. There is a 2 consecutive hour charging limit. Signs are posted to inform users of the time limit. Please be courteous to others by using the stations only as long as you need and then moving to another stall to allow someone else to charge their vehicle.

Parking pass contacts for U orgs at 102 Tower

  1. University employees in 102 Tower will wear university photo ID badges as follows:

University photo ID badges will be worn and clearly visible, with no pins or stickers attached, except those approved by the U Card Office, HR, Security, or the Environment of Care committee.

Hospital workforce members will also comply with the badge policy posted in Pulse.

  1. When someone is walking behind you into a 102 Tower secure area, or trying to enter as you’re leaving, you may hold the door open for them if they are wearing a photo UID badge.

If they're not wearing a photo UID badge, politely decline to let them in.

On Floor 2, visitors may check in at the UMB reception desk and receive a temporary badge. For all other floors, visitors should go to the Front Desk on the first floor to get a temporary badge. This applies to U employees and non-U visitors.

  1.  Fundraiser/sales solicitation and purchases should be conducted during non-work or break time.
  2. Sales activities may include a) fundraisers for the benefit of non-profit organizations, e.g. school teams/clubs or Girl Scouts, and b) personal and for-profit businesses.
  3. On a space-available basis, university employees may post information about fundraisers, sales, events, and causes on cork boards located on each floor. Cork board posts must be approved and initialed by the floor’s designated admin before posting.
    • Floor 1: Tammy Mabey
    • Floor 2: Stacey Earle
    • Floor 3: Donna West
    • Floor 4: Michel Hicks
    • Floor 5: Angelica Chacon
    • Floor 6: Matt Bradford
    • Floor 7: Loa Kauvaka
  4. When sales conclude, sellers are responsible for removing their posts from corkboards.
  5. Use of university email accounts for fundraiser/sales solicitations and purchases is prohibited.
  6. Sending solicitation emails to team/group email lists and conducting door-to-door/cube-to-cube sales in the building are prohibited. Employees may directly contact individual co-workers whom they know to be interested in purchasing products.
  7. Sellers may use the 102-Tower-Extra optional email list to advertise. To join the list email list for/by 102 Tower U employees, send an email to the Sympa system with the subject line SUBSCRIBE 102-TOWER-EXTRA. In addition, the Pulse Classifieds may be used to sell items.
  8. Sellers must not pressure co-workers to accept solicitations or make purchases.
  9. The ability to post fundraiser information may be discontinued in the event that building leadership feels the privilege is being abused.

Please ensure that all personal packages and mail are delivered to your home or other personal address, not 102 Tower. Only official University of Utah work-related packages and mail may be sent to university buildings. Due to liability and human resource issues, the Front Desk staff cannot be responsible for signing for, storing, and sending notifications about personal packages and mail. Having personal packages/mail processed by university staff is not aligned with University Policy 3-162 and Print and Mail Services policy.

All U employees in 102 Tower are asked to be prudent and courteous in scheduling conference rooms only as needed to ensure availability for other projects and people. Please remain respectful and sensitive regarding individual decisions on remote meeting attendance, mask wearing, and social distancing when possible.

  • Conference rooms are not workrooms for individual employees. Employees who need quiet workspace should use telephone rooms or empty offices as short-term “hotel spaces,” or talk to their managers about the possibility of working temporarily from another location.
  • Meetings must end on time. If there is another meeting scheduled immediately after your meeting, please vacate the room 5 minutes early to allow the next meeting’s participants to enter and set up.
  • Meetings with 4 or fewer people should be held in personal offices when possible.
  • As a general rule, limit the length of conference room bookings to 2 hours whenever possible to enable other employees to have access.
  • Cancel room reservation appointments as soon as you know the meeting(s) will not take place.
  • Recurring meetings may be scheduled for up to 12 months.
  • When booking rooms, always indicate meeting subject and number of attendees (e.g., “Network upgrades (20)”). Thank you for providing this information. It helps maximize the use of our conference rooms by matching the size of the group to the room.
  • Managers: When offboarding employees, ask them if they have any single or recurring meetings scheduled in conference rooms, and if so, have them cancel the meetings prior to their last day. If needed, have a current employee rebook/manage the meeting appointment.

Floor-specific notes:

  • Floor 1: Grand Canyon is available for general scheduling. All other rooms are reserved for UIT’s University Support Services use only.
  • Floor 2: Rooms are available for general scheduling except for Yosemite and Big Bend. Contact Manzel Templeton for Yosemite and Big Bend meeting requests, as well as to request meetings in other Floor 2 rooms that exceed 2 hours.
  • Floor 5: A new auto-reply will be sent to those booking the Great Smoky and Zion rooms, indicating that the booking may be declined by the executive admins at any time if an urgent executive-level meeting arises. Employees will need to reschedule for a different day/time.
  • Floor 7: All rooms are booked through Loa Kauvaka.

If you have any questions please contact your manager.

Personal refrigerators and space heaters are prohibited.

To protect the health of colleagues who suffer from asthma and allergies, policy prohibits using scented air fresheners — room sprays, wax warmers, wax melting lights, and other scented air fresheners — in cubicles, offices, and open areas. Unscented and scented candles are strictly prohibited due to fire hazard.

Dry ice and fog machines are not permitted in 102 Tower, even during the Halloween season. Fog from fog machines is picked up and recirculated by the ventilation system, causing discomfort and health concerns for employees, especially those with asthma, in addition to possibly setting off the fire alarm. Dry ice can cause burns similar to frostbite.

U employees who need to store bikes in/near the building may do so in the bicycle storage room in the basement or use the outside bike racks south of the building.

The bike storage room has hanging racks and can be accessed by entering the building using the card-accessible door on the south side near the ramp, slightly to the west of the main doors. That door leads to the southern stairwell, which leads downstairs to the bike room.

Employees may not bring bicycles into the lobby, elevators or work areas (cubicles, offices, common areas, hallways, conference rooms, etc.).

Appropriate business attire is expected when in 102 Tower and when meeting off-site with colleagues for business purposes. Please dress neatly and exercise common sense in selecting clothing and footwear appropriate for a business environment. Dress code policies vary by department. Please see your supervisor if you have questions.

If you have questions about these policies, please contact your 102 Tower Building Council representative:

Last Updated: 2/14/24