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CHPC receives NIH award for its protected environment

Tom Cheatham,
CHPC director

By Tom Cheatham, Director
Center for High Performance Computing

The Center for High Performance Computing -- the research computing arm of UIT -- recently received a notice of award from the National Institutes of Health for CHPC's S10 major equipment proposal titled "From genomics to natural language processing: A protected environment for research computing in the health sciences." The proposal, ranked as highly meritorious, was fully funded ($493,595 with an internal match of ~$83,000) for the period from 4/15/17-4/14/18.

The current protected environment (PE), which is mostly made up of off-warranty hardware, has turned into a very sucessful experiment and prototype for a general compute and analysis environment that is now widely used for research involving restricted data. The timely award will allow upgrading and improving the protected environment to support a large cadre of NIH-funded researchers on campus in projects ranging from data capture with REDCAP and support for clinical trials, to support for applications in genomics and natural language processing. Other users will be able to purchase additional resources to grow the PE (ranging from HPC and machine learning resources to virtual machines and analysis/statistics servers) to service needs outside the scope of the NIH award.

View more information about CHPC's protected environment.

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Last Updated: 5/30/17