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Kudos & Congratulations - June 2018

Congratulations to Brad Zumbrunnen (Network & Core) and Craig Bennion (ITSM Process) for winning the previous prize drawing!

UIT staff recognized for their excellent work

We would like to say how much we appreciate Fernando Ferrer Anato here in Cardiology. He does everything he can to help us out.   

~ Maria Franck , Department of Cardiology

 I'd like to give a huge thank you to Ariel Baughman from the sUdo team for her help on finding the IAM team some student help. Ariel jumped in to help us find the proverbial needle in a haystack, and ended up finding three. She's hard-working, tenacious, and thorough, and she made the whole process easy. She took ownership of the request and stayed on top of it from start to finish. Huge thanks to Ariel, and to Monty Kaufusi for teaching and supporting people to do such a great job.

~ Chris Stucker, Identity and Access Management

Kudos to Arnie Carter and Rob Birkinshaw, who recently automated some of our database refresh processes, which dramatically reduced processing time from days to hours. This has improved customer satisfaction and efficiency in our technical environments. Go Arnie and Rob!

~ Peter Mo, Software Platform Services

I would like to shine some light on a team whose pseudo mission statement is to “run a service so well that nobody even thinks about using that service.” The UMail team has worked hard over the past few years to be as hit-less in our monthly patching and operational cycles as we can. Roy Schulz, Corey Winn, Amir Masood, Steve Maloy, Justin Evans, Dylan Pocock, Gaitlan Hammon, and Josh Morrell have all been critical in our success in alignment with our mission statement. As we work towards automating and creating tools for our peers and end users to use to help them get their jobs done with the quick efficiency, we are also enjoying the streamlining of the processes we use internally to keep UMail services running smooth. Great work, team.

~ Dave Packham, UIT Unified Communications

Kudos to Tony Soto and Cody Jones from the ITS Service Desk for modifying the ITS Service Desk ticket data gathering process and structure for some NOC needs.

Cody and I were speaking about the pieces of data that the NOC needs for general troubleshooting of tickets they receive, and identified Current Gateway, Current IP, Current Subnet Mask, Current DNS config, and Device MAC Address. A couple days later, I see a ticket fielded by Tony which had all of the data in there! Awesome work guys! Having this data in INCs passed to the NOC will save a lot of time trying to get in touch with users to gather the data, as well as assist us with scoping incidents and finding resolutions more quickly! Thanks for all that you do!

~ Tyler Sauer, Network & Communications Infrastructure

Wanted to let you know that Lisa Osborne and Dennis Johnson caught a mistake in the building activity assigned to a recent project. The PDC PM had listed the Williams building number instead of 420 Wakara building number. We will be able to correct the chartfield which will enable us to get the capitalization and depreciation correct when the project is complete.

Another demonstration of great teamwork from your group!

~Rochelle Randazzo, Planning Design and Construction

UTVGo is fantastic. We can get most everything that's offered through regular UTV, plus access HBOGo as well. Many channels, but more importantly, it is easy to watch previous episodes or special programming from HBO that is made available from as far back as Rome and Deadwood. All good. Go UTVGo. [UTV team members are John Wardle, Connor Grimes, and Joshua Vasquez.]

 ~ Professor Xan Johnson, Theatre Department, Honors College, and Graduate School

I would like to thank the Strategic Communication Department - Jesse Drake, Emily Rushton (now special assistant to the CIO), and Cassandra Van Buren - for the fun summer party at the Tracy Aviary. Great location, great food and great fun interacting with all the UIT team members.

~ Jill Brinton, Project Management Office

Thank you to the following people who pitched in to help make the 2018 UIT Spring Party at Tracy Aviary successful:

  • Cookie order pick-up and general support: Alijana Kahriman
  • Greeters/ticket-takers: Steve Hess, Jim Livingston
  • Swoop  and the U's Department of Athletics
  • Swoop support: Roger Sarkis
  • Food table helpers: Randy Arvay, Jill Brinton, Tom Cheatham, Mike Ekstrom, Dave Huth, Jason Moeller, Peter Panos, Jon Thomas
  • Chair wranglers: Ray Carsey, Nathan Eldridge, Christian Johnson, Dominic Mathison, Ryan Millward, Chris Livingston, Chris Robinson, Tyler Sauer, John Wood
  • Finance/accounting support: Craig Stapley, Brandon Zimmerman
  • Party ticket wranglers: Jill Brinton, Colette Durrant, Cindy Hanson, Michel Hicks, Alijana Kahriman, Pamela Kendall, Lisa Kuhn, Paula Millington, Judy Yeates
  • Party planning & management: Jesse Drake, Emily Rushton

~ Cassandra Van Buren, UIT Strategic Communication

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