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Kudos & Congratulations

Kudos & CongratulationsCongratulations to Michael Frogget (UC) and Jodi Kunz (ISO) for winning last month's prize drawing!

UIT staff recognized for their excellent work

Dave Packham is an awesome manager. He inspires me to pursue excellence in improving the world through tech and to be enthusiastic about our work. 

~ Justin Evans, Unified Communications

Thanks to Bill Lutz for his work in pulling together information for expanding a USHE-level VMWare agreement. He worked hard to gather years of information on past updates and to offer up data that helped make the statewide CIO deliberations that much easier.

We all know Dustin Udy is a great ambassador for UIT and ISO to the greater campus community, but I want to thank him for going beyond that. My son had a high school assignment to talk to someone in a field he is interested in pursuing, and he asked if I knew any information security people whom he could talk with. I immediately thought of Dustin’s deep knowledge and down-to-earth approach. He was gracious enough to be interviewed, and my son came away really excited about information security. Thanks, Dustin!

~ Scott Sherman, Office of the CIO

Alan Hillis spent a significant number of hours doing development on a new Electronic Payment Request system (ePR) that will have a soft roll-out to production on December 21 with full roll-out in January. This project will replace the current paper form for employee reimbursements and direct payments.

~ Val Olds, University Support Services

I would like to thank Jodi Kunz for her tremendous work on the 2FA project. She has an incredible ability to capture all the details and follow up on every thread, so nothing falls through the cracks or gets overlooked. She is hardworking and conscientious, and I know when something is in her hands it will be done efficiently and effectively. She has been such an incredible support to me throughout this last year, and I have learned so much from her. She is one of the highest caliber co-workers I’ve had the honor of working with.

~ Rachael Sheedy, Information Security Office

Jeramy Berry worked with our customers in Income Accounting to replace the existing custom 1098T (student tax forms) process and with a version supplied with PeopleSoft. This was a lot of work and also involved changing how the 1098T forms are calculated. This project eliminates most of our customizations for 1098T and streamlines the yearly changes going forward.

Allan Hill successfully upgraded the uAchieve Suite for DARS to version  This is the suite of programs used to run audits for student graduation, create plans, etc.

~ Pat Burton, University Support Services

A big THANK YOU to Jose Rivera (Information Technology Services) for all his hard work in helping the teams who moved to 102 Tower. He demonstrated excellent customer service. He was such a big asset in making the move as smooth as possible. Thank you!!!

~ Kim Tanner, UIT Platform Services

The relocation of many UIT employees to 102 Tower was made infinitely easier thanks to the skilled, friendly, and fast support provided by several of our UIT colleagues. Stacey Wood and her group – Ian Boss, Matt Munro, Christian Rawlings, Beth Sallay, Eric Voldness, and Joey Yang have been invaluable in helping everyone settle in and get back on task. Scott LloydChris Moore and Cody Exon from the Help Desk have been extremely helpful during the moves as well. Thank you all!

UIT's holiday luncheon was the biggest in recent memory, and thanks to months of careful planning and coordination by Emily Rushton and Jesse Drake, the event went smoothly and provided a festive break for our colleagues. Congrats on a job well done! Heartfelt thanks also to Alijana Kahriman, Judy Yeates, and Scott Sherman for helping us during the event. 

~ Cassandra Van Buren, Strategic Communication

As part of the Appointment Reminder project, Desirae Allen has been an invaluable member of the team. Our project team is very large with internal team members and vendors from UIT, ITS, Epic, UUH, Biztalk, Webtext, ConvergeOne, and Avaya. Desirae has worked countless hours to ensure appointment reminder workflows are documented, troubleshoot issues, learn the new system, and complete lots of testing. Desirae is viewed and respected as a leader and knowledge expert on this team. Working with Desirae has been a breath of fresh air for me, and I appreciate her no holds barred attitude to getting to the finish line. Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Desirae! You’re a rockstar!

~ Jayci Minjares, Project Management Office

Kudos to Stacey Wood and her team for the fantastic help they provided during the 102 Tower move. From my perspective, they provided an amazing level of support, were extremely calm and polite during a stressful time, worked long hours, and I think they even provided a little bit of calming therapy to the people moving (the best IT people are also arm chair therapists). A big thank you to Stacey for a job well done!

~ Trevor Long, Common Infrastructure Services

Kudos for Jayci Minjares for leading and managing the appointment reminder project.

~ Jill Brinton, Project Management Office

With the bulk of UIT moved or almost moved into 102 Tower, I would like to take a moment to thank all of you for your efforts and your patience. Such a large move is never an easy one, but overall this transition went exceptionally well. There were many of our colleagues across the University who helped make that happen, and a number of ITS and UIT staff who played a big role. At the risk of leaving someone out, I would like to recognize those who either helped get 102 Tower ready for occupancy or helped make the move from other buildings happen in some way. First, Ken Pink, Lisa Kuhn, and Jim Livingston did a tremendous job coordinating the building design, moving schedule and layout. Peter Panos put in long hours planning moves, shuffling office spaces, running numbers and dealing with parking concerns. Lisa Osborne did a tremendous amount of work with telephones, conference rooms, printers and project coordination. Syndi HaywoodCorey Hayes and Jason Lawes helped get the phones installed and working. Teri Pearson scheduled all the orders for the move. On the networking side, Trevor Long, Ray Carsey and Tim Goodale, along with Bryan Morris, Nathan Eldredge, Tyler Sauer, Matt Klekas, Brian Sorensen and Tom Warnick installed the network and had us ready to move in. Steven Maloy, Chris Moore and Cody Exon took care of the conference room scheduling in Outlook, while Caprice Post work on conference room technology and DAS. Tom JenningsJudy YeatesJonathan Messina and Alijana Kahriman acted as move coordinators to help the actual move go smoothly. Paula Millington orchestrated the parking survey, while Cassandra Van Buren, Emily Rushton, Jesse Drake and Jeff Shuckra took charge of communications and the welcome packet. Denise Elwood worked on the map. Ed Ridges coordinated the moves to, from, and within Eccles Broadcast Center. The Help Desk did extra duty handling the expected and unexpected issues, and Stacey Wood’s team of Ian Boss, Matt Munro, Christian Rawlings, Beth Sallay, Eric Voldness,  and Joey Yang have done a tremendous job with in-building computer support. If I missed anyone, please forgive me, your contributions did not go unnoticed! Again, thank you all for your professionalism during this move. I am extremely proud of our staff and very excited to work more closely with you all as we reconvene in the new year. Have a great holiday break.

~ Stephen Hess, Chief Information Officer

Anyone can submit an item for Kudos & Congrats!

Simply email praise for your UIT colleagues to The people you recognize will be put into a drawing to win gift cards, event tickets, merchandise and more. Those who submit entries will also be put in a separate drawing for more prizes. (UITL members and associate/assistant directors not eligible for prizes.)

A special thank you to some exceptional campus organizations that, in the past, have donated tickets, merchandise, and gift cards to help recognize UIT employees: Athletics, Auxiliary Services, Dining Services, Kingsbury Hall, Pioneer Theatre Company, Red Butte Garden, UIT Leadership, and Utah Museum of Fine Art.

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