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Kariann Hibbard - bagpipe soloist, "beast" tamer

Kariann Hibbard

Scotland and its music were always close to Hibbard's heart, but it wasn't until high school that the business systems analyst started training to play bagpipes. Today, she's a top soloist and member of one of the most prestigious pipe bands in the U.S.

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IAM's Vaibhav Narula wins staff excellence award

University of Utah block U statue

Noted for his tireless efforts to make the university more secure and support an expansion in remote work and online learning, Narula recently received an Academics and Student Affairs District Staff Excellence Award. He is now a nominee for one of eight Presidential Staff Excellence awards.

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To be cybersecure, we must all do our part

An illustration of the world.

Now more than ever, the internet consumes a huge part of our lives — at work, school, and home. Constantly being connected means, by default, increased risks to your privacy and security every single day. This is especially true in a university setting. That's why it’s increasingly important to learn and implement information security best practices.

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Navigating FERPA and instructional technology

In Google Docs, users can write and edit at the same time, as well as leave comments.

Although the U has offered instructional technology for a while, an increase in remote learning brought to the forefront concerns about using multiple platforms that may or may not be supported by the university. Governance, Risk & Compliance Associate Director Trevor Long and University Registrar Tim Ebner explain how to navigate the regulations.

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Adobe Flash Player support ends on 12/31. Get ready now.

The Adobe Flash logo

After December 31, 2020, Adobe will stop distributing and updating Flash Player — just short of its 20th birthday. While many major browsers will automatically disable Flash Player before then, users still may need to uninstall the software on their operating systems in order to prevent any security vulnerabilities.

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Teams update: New meeting experience

Microsoft Teams logo

Microsoft has released new opt-in meeting features available to anyone who uses the University of Utah’s instance of Teams on desktop clients, including pop-outs, meeting notes, large gallery view, and together mode.

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MathWorks is now free for U community members


The University of Utah has signed a new five-year campus-wide software agreement that makes MathWorks MATLAB Total Academic Headcount (TAH) available to eligible students, staff, and faculty at no cost starting on Thursday, October 1, 2020.

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IT governance roundup


The Strategic Information Technology Committee (SITC) met on September 22. The Teaching and Learning Portfolio (TLP) will meet today, September 30. The Enterprise Web Advisory Council (EWAC) will reconvene on October 8. SITC will meet again on November 10. The IT Architecture and New Technology Committee (ANTC) will regroup on November 23.

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