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MATLAB available at low cost to all students, staff, and faculty

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The University of Utah is pleased to announce that the campus-wide MathWorks MATLAB Total Academic Headcount site license has been renewed – once again providing the software at a much lower cost to users across the University.

Students, faculty, and staff will continue to have access to MATLAB, Simulink, and 49 companion products through the Office of Software Licensing (OSL) web store, including the addition of a new toolbox, Simscape Fluids. Instructors and researchers now have access to free consulting from a MathWorks engineer, Beth Bezaire, 310-819-4904.

“This agreement will greatly benefit the educational and teaching needs of our students, staff, and faculty here at the university,” said Bill Lutz, OSL vendor manager.

Numerous free online resources are available for MathWorks users, including:

  • A section on the MathWorks website designed specifically for students: Academia | For Students
  • A vibrant user community, including forums and sharing code: MATLAB Central
  • For students new to MATLAB or those looking for a refresher, a 2-hour tutorial is available. It’s free and self-paced interactive:   MATLAB Onramp

This is the second year the university is providing MathWorks products under this license agreement. The software is available to all for academic purposes, including academic research.

“We had over 900 students obtain access to the MathWorks products last year,” said Lutz. “This year we’re hoping that many more students take advantage of the opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge, using the MathWorks products to further their education.”

An individual student license will cost just $30 annually and it includes MATLAB, Simulink and all 49 companion products.

“Students, staff, and faculty now have a tremendous opportunity to access the latest versions of MATLAB, Simulink, and the 49 companion MathWorks products which are used worldwide by scientists and engineers,” said Lutz.

View detailed information regarding available licenses and product pricing. A list of available products, along with activation instructions, can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you have any questions about this license renewal, please contact the Office of Software Licensing at

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Last Updated: 4/11/22