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Kudos & Congratulations

Congratulations to Cindy Devine (University Support Services) and Dustin Udy (Information Security Office) for winning the previous prize drawing!

UIT staff recognized for their excellent work

Julia Harrison (NCI) has been nothing short of amazing to work with. She explained the different phone systems at the U, why we were having problems with ours, and some possible solutions. It is so great to have someone with that level of institutional knowledge who is able to not only fix the issue but explain it.

~ Barbara Muñoz, Utah Academy of Family Physicians

A big thank you to Rob Birkinshaw, Zach Zitterkopf, Mathew Leatham, Thanh Nguyen, and Tom Howa for working on our USS metrics. The data are invaluable.

~ Kim Tanner, Software Platform Services

I would like to give kudos to David Young at the Downtown Data Center. He is always willing to help no matter the issue. Recently, he helped us find some equipment that we needed for inventory purposes. He went above and beyond to find those for us. Thank you, David!

~ Brandon Callahan, Network & Core

A big thanks for Jeramy Berry for his work on getting the Student One Bill Payment plan launched and into production. Students will now be able to set up payment plans for tuition and housing instead of doing each separately. It's a great feature for our students.

~ Jill Brinton, Project Management Office

Kim Tanner is an awesome boss!

~ Peter Mo, Software Platform Services

The UIT Holiday Party was a sustained and complicated group effort, starting last summer with researching and requesting bids from 8 caterers and concluding with the party wrap-up and feedback survey. 

Thank you to Larrisa Turner, whose stellar event planning and management skills were invaluable. The steadfast support Jesse Drake provided throughout all event phases really helped to keep the project on track. Thanks to you both.

Much appreciation to UIT event committee members Kirk Barlow, Kevin Buchan, Kelsey Loizos, Jan Lovett, Mike McCloskey, Stacey Wood, Mary Smithing, and Miles Tobin for helping us on the day of the party to ensure everything went as smoothly as possible.

In addition, thanks to Jody Sluder and event committee members David Coon, Kelsey Loizos, Jan Lovett, Roger Sarkis, and Mary Smithing for giving us ideas for the doorbuster and drawing prize gifts.

Alijana Kahriman did a great job helping us order gifts, and Craig Bennion and Mike Ekstrom gave after-party logistical support in transporting leftover food and boxes.

UIT sincerely appreciates the many generous holiday gift donations from the College of Fine Arts, Campus Store, Red Butte Garden, Pioneer Theatre Company, Utah Museum of Fine Arts, and Utah Presents.

Finally, to our UIT colleagues who served as doorbuster gift consultants: I appreciated your good humor when Larrisa and I dropped by to get your feedback about potential gifts.

~ Cassandra Van Buren, UIT Strategic Communication

CHPC would like to recognize our newest employee, Dao White. Dao joined our staff in September 2018 and already has made significant contributions to our operation. Her tasks are varied, from handling the logistics of our SC2018 exhibit to reconciling our books, and she seems to take it all in stride. She is a joy to work with. Thank you, Dao!

CHPC would also like to thank the entire CHPC team for completing a project that has been daunting, to say the least. We transitioned our authorization software from NIS to LDAP (using SSSD). (We still use the campus AD for authentication.) Every system we run needed to be migrated, and so our entire staff was involved. In particular, we would like to give kudos to Steve Harper, who was the lead on this project. And kudos to all team members, including David Richardson, David Heidorn, Chonhuan Xia, Wayne Bradford, Brian Haymore, and Dennis Werthman. Thank you all so much for pushing through and getting this project completed.

~ Julia Harrison, Center for High Performance Computing

A huge thank you to Cory Hale and James Rice, who helped me out of a jam after a printer malfunction. They saved me from a lot of frustration on an important task, and I'm grateful.

~ Larrisa Turner, Strategic Communication

I'd like to express my gratitude to Vaibhav Narula in Identity and Access Management, who helped coordinate the development and release of a Software2 SSO feature, allowing us to improve the student software experience and achieve key strategic IT goals at the U.

~ James Lancaster, Marriott Library ITS

Anyone at the U can submit an item for Kudos & Congrats! 

Submit your kudos and the UIT employees you commend will be entered into a monthly prize drawing. UIT employees who submit entries will also be entered in a separate prize drawing. 

UITL members, directors, and associate directors are not eligible for prizes.

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