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All-Hands Meeting roundup and photos

CIO Steve Hess discusses UIT and campus strategic plans for fiscal year 2018-19 on September 17 during the All-Hands Meeting at the Alumni House.

CIO Steve Hess discusses UIT and campus strategic plans for fiscal year 2018-19 on September 17 during the All-Hands Meeting at the Alumni House.

The UIT All-Hands Meeting kicked off on Monday, September 17 with Chief Information Officer Steve Hess welcoming the group and recognizing employees who have joined the organization in the past year. Hess also discussed UIT and campus strategic plans for fiscal year 2018-19, and covered projects and goals already complete across various units in the organization. Hess thanked UIT employees for their hard work and dedication.

Hess and UIT Leadership — including Deputy CIO Ken Pink, Chief Information Security Officer Randy Arvay, and Chief Technology Officer Jim Livingston — then answered questions submitted by UIT staff about ongoing and upcoming projects, employee engagement, and more.

Afterward, Pink took the floor to recognize UIT employees who have reached milestone years of service ranging from 10 to 45 years. Pink thanked them for their dedication and loyalty to the university, and honorees received a certificate of appreciation.

The Kevin Taylor Memorial Service Award ceremony closed out the meeting. Committee members took turns speaking about the award and this year's nominees: Craig Bennion, Rob Birkinshaw, Danial Ebling, Robin Horton, Vijay Kammili, Rob Lake, Matt Leatham, Jason Moeller, Chris Moore, Anita Orendt, and Judy Yeates. Hess returned to the podium to announce the winner — Jason Moeller, of University Support Services — who received a plaque and check for $500.

To view the presentation recording, slides, and meeting handout, visit the CIO web page. Login is required to access the slides and handout.

Below are photos from the event.

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