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 Note: Network News is a semi-regular feature that highlights current events in UIT's network operations group.


Network News: Fast Facts highlights team achievements

Network Operations Fast Facts 2018 (select to open the PDF), courtesy of Business Data Analyst Rosalia Villegas.

Network Operations Fast Facts 2018 (select to open the PDF), courtesy of Business Data Analyst Rosalia Villegas.

Things move fast in IT — so fast It can be hard to pause and reflect on accomplishments.

"We don't do a very good job of celebrating our wins, because we're always moving from one thing to the next," said Network Manager Ray Carsey.

Business Data Analyst Rosalia Villegas hopes that her Fast Facts document casts some light on the successes of UIT's Network & Core team in 2018.

"The new year is the perfect time to look back at last year and see how much work we've completed, all of the network initiatives on campus, and how much the network team actually manages," Villegas said.

Borrowing a template from the Office of Budget & Institutional Analysis (OBIA), Villegas began compiling her team's key achievements in 2017.

On several fronts, 2018 was a banner year.

Notable numbers 

  • 35,272: Average numbers of wireless users per day on campus and in hospitals/clinics (up from 32,799)

  • 26: Buildings upgraded to 5GHz-only wireless (the pilot program for this intiative began in October 2017)

  • 9,363: Pieces of network equipment, which include routers, switches, load balancers, and Domain Name System servers (up from 8,920)

  • 564Change requests (up from 516). A change is any alteration to an IT product or system, like installing new hardware, changing out a port, or upgrading the code of a firewall. Changes are classified as standard, minor, major, or emergency, based on factors such as urgency and risk. Standard changes, for example, have been deployed several times, are repeatable, and pose little risk. Changes are submitted for approval at a preceding Change Advisory Board (CAB) meeting. CAB comprises staff members from UIT and Information Technology Services (ITS).

  • 10,848: Tasks, which are assignments required to complete a change request, like fiber-optic cable installation (up from 10,198).


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