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sUdo Sessions: Shane Rayhill, Unified Communications

Shane Rayhill, sUdo intern, Unified Communications

Shane Rayhill, sUdo intern, Unified Communications

Note: sUdo Sessions is a Node 4 series about interns in the Student University Development Opportunity program. The paid internship provides University of Utah students real-world work experience to augment their degrees and often is a stepping stone to full-time positions in a relevant field.

What brought you to the University of Utah?

I have lived in Utah since I was 13 and love it here. Salt Lake is an amazing city, and we are so close to the mountains that I didn’t want to leave. Utah was an obvious choice.

How did you find out about the sUdo program, and what attracted you to it?

While looking at university jobs, I found an ad for a sUdo position. I was attracted to it because it is an opportunity to develop your workplace skills and it works well around my schooling. Plus, I have always been interested in technology so working for sUdo in the IT department was a fantastic fit.

What's your focus in the program?

My focus is as a service coordinator within Unified Communications. I complete work orders submitted by university faculty and staff to install, move, change, or disconnect a phone. That includes scheduling technicians, programming the phone, and answering any questions the requestor may have.

Have you had any other positions within sUdo? If yes, what were they?

As of now, I haven’t had any other positions. I really enjoy the work I do and the people I work with. I would be open to new positions in the future, but as of now, I’m happy where I am.

What's day-to-day life like as a sUdo intern?

I typically go to class in the morning, then to work in the afternoon. There, I will work on service orders, speak with technicians, go to meetings, and handle any other tasks that need to be completed.

What’s challenging about the program or your position?

The most difficult challenge is coordinating the three groups required to install, change, or disconnect phones. We need to make sure the technicians, the client, and the phone company are all working together. If the phone company doesn’t do its part, then our techs can’t install the phone, or if the client isn’t available on the day of the install, then the techs many not be able to get into the correct room. It takes a lot of patience and organization to ensure everyone is on the same page and the install or disconnect goes smoothly.

How does your major complement what you’re doing in the sUdo program?

I am an Information Systems major so my work with phones, computers, and software greatly complements my degree and ties directly into my classes. For instance, I frequently use SQL to run reports on client billing and must be able to integrate Excel into our billing software, skills that I can take back to class. It’s also nice to learn about something in class and then apply it in the sUdo program.

How do you expect to use the experience you’re getting from the sUdo program?

I’m hoping to take any skills and experiences I learn while in the sUdo program and apply them to future jobs or classes. The things I’m learning here — SQL, database management, and database analytics — are in high demand in the workforce and will give me a competitive edge after graduating.

What advice would you give other sUdo students, or prospective applicants?

The goal of the sUdo program is to ensure you enjoy the work you do. This is a great place to work. I’m always happy to come into work and get as much out of it as I can. Opportunities are available as long as you’re willing to work for them.

What’s been your favorite part of being a sUdo intern?

My favorite part is the ability to connect with other interns and to develop valuable skills. Networking and development are crucial during our college years, and sUdo gives you a chance to do both. It’s comforting to know that I am forming relationships and learning things that will put me in a good place to join the workforce upon graduation.

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