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Kudos & Congratulations

UIT staff recognized for their excellent work

Congratulations to Cory Hale (Unified Communications) and Wayne Bradford (Center for High Performance Computing) for winning the previous prize drawing!

Larrisa Turner (UIT Strategic Communication) is the most organized, impressive editor I have ever encountered. Wow!! A sincere thank you for keeping us on track.

~ Jeff Shuckra, ITS Service Management

CHPC would like to recognize Robben Migacz and Dylan Gardner for their work on the arbiter script, which monitors CPU and memory usage and enforces the CHPC policies on interactive nodes. The students presented a poster on their work at the RMACC conference and have had a paper accepted at the PEARC conference. Thank you, Robben and Dylan, for this significant contribution to the operations at CHPC! 

~ Julia Harrison, CHPC

Kudos to the excellent and patient folks on the Campus Help Desk (Cody Exon, Jordon Jess, Kira Bhatti, Todd Derrick, Jasmine Haywood, Owen LaReaux, Brayden Newman, Royal Tippets, Robert Veljak Mijatovic, Tom Whitaker, Hong Yang, and Scott Lloyd) and ITS Service Desk staff who hold the front lines by answering the phones, calming the agitated, solving problems, and making this place work. Your work and your ability to adjust to the many varied challenges here are outstanding and you make us all look better. Thank you for what you do every day, and for dealing with the changes that the Identity and Access Management (IAM) team has sent your way. 

~ Chris Stucker, IAM

I want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone at CHPC that has helped and even gone out of their way to make sure the annual inventory went smoothly and was completed before the deadline. CHPC has a lot of equipment in different locations and tracking it all down is not an easy task. Thank you to Brian Haymore, Sam Liston, Wayne Bradford, Alan Wisniewski, David Heidorn, David Richardson, Steve Harper, Jake Evans, Joe Breen, and Irvin Allen

 ~ Dao White, CHPC

Anyone at the U can submit an item for Kudos & Congrats! 

Submit your kudos and the UIT employees you commend will be entered into a monthly prize drawing. UIT employees who submit entries will also be entered in a separate prize drawing. 

UITL members, directors, and associate directors are not eligible for prizes.



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