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Jake Johansen named associate director for ISO Enterprise Security

Jake Johansen, associate director, ISO Enterprise Security

Jake Johansen, associate director, ISO Enterprise Security

UIT is pleased to announce that Jake Johansen has been promoted to associate director for enterprise security within the Information Security Office, reporting to Chief Information Security Officer Corey Roach. His start date was November 15, 2019.

Jake has excelled as a top-tier security architect and engineer. He has the respect of security professionals throughout the campus and the state, Roach said. Its exciting to see him take on this new role as a leader and mentor. Im confident he will rise to the challenge, and he'll make an even more significant contribution to improving information security at the University of Utah.

For the past 16 years, Johansen has served various security-related roles at the U, most recently as a senior data security analyst on the Enterprise Security team, where his work entailed incident handling and response, digital and network forensics, penetration testing, vulnerability management, and risk analysis, among other responsibilities.

As associate director for enterprise security, Johansen will serve as the intermediary between the CISOs strategic and process-based policies, and the technology-focused activities of IT analysts, engineers and system administrators across campus and University of Utah Health. He will also oversee the process of gathering, analyzing, and assessing current and future information security threat landscapes; hire, train, and manage staff; and actively participate in the IT security governance process, among other things.

Johansen is a certified information systems security professional (CISSP) and certified HIPAA professional (CHP).

Please join us in congratulating Johansen on his promotion.

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