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Kudos & Congratulations

UIT staff recognized for their excellent work

Congratulations to Nikhila Kasha (University Support Services) and Samantha Lankford (CTO organization) for winning the last prize drawing!

I just wanted to recognize Robert Veljak. He is so responsive when I have IT needs, quick to respond and easy to work with.

~ Robert Muir, associate vice president of Debt and Asset Management

I wanted to share my appreciation for the support Tom Murray gave our team a few weeks back. We had been struggling to get our desk phones working after our office was remodeled. Tom was scheduled to come in and assist, and he did a fantastic job. He was a great communicator and worked hard to ensure all of our issues were addressed and resolved. He checked and provided 1:1 support for the individuals who were struggling to get their phones working properly. Thank you, Tom!

Bryan Morris' team did a wonderful job in helping us set up our phones. My colleague had been struggling to get the phones working for several weeks after our office went through a remodel. Eric Jensen jumped in and provided a “level of customer service she hasn’t seen with any other tech issues.” Eric made sure he understood our issue, was sensitive to our frustration, and worked hard to ensure things were resolved. He met every commitment and time frame he had communicated, and all of our phones are finally working! A huge thank you to Eric and Teri Pearson (who I understand programmed everything on the backend).

Thank you, Bryan, for driving excellence on your team!

~ Denise DeCoite, U Career Success 

I'd like to give a shout out to Keith Hughes for his tireless effort between camera server migrations and Windows Server 2012 cutover. He put in long hours, seven days a week for the last few weeks as we have raced to meet deadlines.

~ Michael Martinez, CTO organization

I would personally like to thank Bobby Azeem, Gabriela Lozano, Nathan Eldredge, and Josh Madsen, all of whom are members of the Network Operations Center (NOC) Firewall team. I work with each of them every day and they are great people to work with. They are knowledgeable, professional, and always looking to get the job done quickly and effectively for their customers. I always look forward to working with them. Thanks team!

~ Ryan Millward, UIT Network Services

I would like to thank Thomas Murray, Corey Hayes, and Samantha Lankford for their help with the issues that arose during the football game on Saturday, October 14. Without their help, I would’ve been lost! Thank you guys so much!

~ Dalton Gronning, CTO organization

A department, which had recently moved to UCCS support, had their entire physical server infrastructure and backup infrastructure fail. A group of people from various UIT/ITS teams came together as a cohesive unit to assist in the recovery effort to move all of the broken systems to UIT infrastructure. All systems were restored to new infrastructure in the DDC, and all networks were reconfigured and set up for the correct traffic flow and security. The data and services were then recovered from backups in a well-orchestrated manner and then tested for connectivity. Each of these processes was lengthy and detail oriented. I am truly grateful for all the efforts, attitudes, talent and attention to detail all of the participants put forth to achieve the end goal. Each member assisted in pulling off a miracle in a matter of 2.5 days, many of them not getting more than a few hours of sleep during this outage. The members of this amazing group who were on the Teams call and chat are:

Warren Worsley, Jeremy Burns, Matt Munro, Abraham Kololli, Adam Wilhoit, Craig Bennion, Dan Jenkins, Dave Rasmussen, David Tubbs, Kevin Davidson, Matt Juber, Nate Wanner, Ryan Millward, Farid Lopez, Hayden Waters, Jeffrey Haddon, John Fagg, and Josh Madsen.

They all have my deepest thanks and gratitude.

~ Stacey Wood, CTO organization

Kudos, congratulations, and a HUGE thank you to IAM's new hire, Justin Evans.

Justin has been tasked with maintaining several complex and crucially important applications and processes that affect everyone.

Despite being thrown into the IAM deep end, Justin came to our aide and helped us complete a proof of concept (POC) we have been working on in our non-prod environments for several weeks if not months!

Justin was super easy to work with, quickly understanding complex processes and concepts that helped us realize success with the POC that's now a candidate for promotion to our production environments! Good job, Dave Packham, recruiting and hiring Justin Evans is a big win for the UofU!

~Marc Thompson, USS

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