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Explainer: Data Classification and Encryption Rule (4-004C)

An illustration of a blue key on a black background with various semi-transparent blue letters and numbers around it.

The University of Utah’s Data Classification and Encryption Rule (4-004C), which supports Information Security Policy (4-004), outlines how to protect the U’s data through classification, encryption, and retention.

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Explainer: Information Security Risk Management Rule (4-004B)

A compass with the word

Rule 4-004B outlines how the university will secure IT systems that interact with university data and provides guidance on how to assess, prepare for, and handle information security risks.

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A few simple actions make it easy to stay safe online

Neon shields

You are not powerless against online threats and attacks. In fact, a few simple actions can make a big difference toward securing your data and devices. For Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the Information Security Office will share some resources to get you started.

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Cisco email encryption service upgrade will improve user experience

A glowing blue lock with an email icon as the square part, on a black background.

The U will upgrade the Cisco Secure Email Encryption Service to make it easier to access encrypted emails. Email recipients will no longer need to create a CSEES account to access encrypted emails and attachments.

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Explainer: Acceptable Use Rule (4-004A)

An orange, gray, and white illustration of a smartphone, from left, tablet, desktop computer, and laptop computer

Acceptable Use Rule (4-004A) defines acceptable, unacceptable, and legitimate uses of the university’s technology.

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UIT to launch Phish Alert Button for all UMail accounts on August 8

The Phish Alert Button.

On August 8, 2022, UIT will deploy KnowBe4’s Phish Alert Button to all UMail accounts at the University of Utah and University of Utah Health. The button enables users to more easily report phishing messages and other suspicious emails.

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Explainer: Information Security Policy (4-004)

An illustration of a document with text overlayed on an image of glowing blue shield with a keyhole in the middle.

Policy 4-004 outlines all the university’s IT security rules, which help protect the university, its IT systems and resources, and data. It also ensures compliance with local, national, and international laws, industry regulations, and business agreements.

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Phish Tank website aims to educate users on phishing tactics

The Phish Tank website

The U’s Information Security Office (ISO) recently launched the Phish Tank, an awareness and educational website with information on phishing tactics and common red flags. Examples of known phishing attacks are coming soon.

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PII doesn't belong in your email

PII doesn’t belong in your email

Personally identifiable information (PII) should not be handled via email because it is an inherently insecure mechanism to transmit and receive restricted and sensitive data.

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Digital security tip: ISO offers cybersecurity training

The Information Security Office offers a variety of cybersecurity training and resources

The Information Security Office (ISO) offers a variety of cybersecurity training and resources for University of Utah and University of Utah Health employees through their respective HR training platforms and KnowBe4.

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