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IT security policies are critical to the U's mission

IT policies are critical to the U's mission

If you’re the average University of Utah faculty or staff member, it’s possible you’ve never read the U’s information technology and IT security policies. Whether you have or have not, we all must follow them — and for good reason, too.

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Town hall recap: Telecommuters must follow IT security policies

Steve Hess, chief information officer

During a recent U town hall, CIO Steve Hess addressed the IT security issues that come with telecommuting, including concerns about data privacy and work on personal devices. He urged employees (and students) to review and follow university IT regulations.

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Securing payments on a mostly cashless campus

A person at a laptop computer conducts a credit card transaction online.

To keep vast sums of restricted credit card processing data locked down, the university adheres to strict payment card industry data security standards.

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Don't give up the keys to the castle - be identity smart

Illustration of a digital fingerprint on a computer's motherboard

Ahead of Identity Management Day on April 13, Chris Stucker, associate director for Identity & Access Management, discusses how we can all help prevent attackers from compromising our identities, and breaching the university’s defenses.

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Several university IT security policies receive updates

The Information Security Office logo

The Academic Senate recently approved changes to three items and the addition of one procedure under Policy 4-004: Information Security Policy, which the Information Security Office requested in order to stay current with the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape and organizational requirements.

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Call or text from an unknown number? Here's what to do.

Someone holds a phone, the screen of which shows an incoming call from an unknown contact and the options to answer or decline it.

The Information Security Office shares some tips on how to handle calls and text messages from unknown numbers or seemingly legitimate numbers that aren’t part of your contact list, while assisting the university in its contact tracing efforts.

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How the U protects your privacy, personal data

An illustration of a woman with glasses looking skyward as icons representing her personal data swirl around her head.

The University of Utah and University of Utah Health are committed to safeguarding your privacy and personal data. Here's an overview of how the Information Security Office and the Information Privacy Office do that.

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Last Updated: 4/13/21