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Explainer: Physical and Facility Security Rule (4-004F)

A photo illustration of a white translucent shield with a keyhole overlaying a darkened image of the University of Utah's Park Building.

Rule 4-004F outlines the requirements to protect university buildings, facilities, IT systems, network and power cables, and other university property, as well as U community members, from myriad threats.

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Explainer: Change Management Rule (4-004E)

The Change Management process

The rule ensures that all relevant parties know about IT changes and that the U’s IT systems and resources work properly after any changes. It also makes it easier to prevent unsuccessful changes and implement similar changes in the future.

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IT security tip: How to safely dispose of electronic devices

A faded white recycle icon below a pile of electronics.

When you throw away, donate, or recycle an electronic device, you may inadvertently disclose sensitive information that could be exploited by cybercriminals, which is why it's important to secure them properly first.

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Duo Mobile ending support for Android 8/9 and iOS 13

The Duo logo

After February 9, users will be unable to download the latest version of the app on Android 8/9, iOS 13, and older operating systems, and Duo will no longer troubleshoot issues, push IT security updates, or provide maintenance fixes for those operating systems.

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ISO email will ask users to practice using Phish Alert button


On Monday, January 30, 2023, University of Utah students, faculty, and staff and University of Utah Health personnel will receive an email from the U’s Information Security Office about using the Phish Alert button to report suspicious messages.

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Explainer: Access Management Rule (4-004D)

Desktop computers are lined up in rows on two tables.

Rule 4-004D focuses on user access, which must be strictly controlled to ensure the safety of the university’s IT systems, resources, and data.

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Explainer: Data Classification and Encryption Rule (4-004C)

An illustration of a blue key on a black background with various semi-transparent blue letters and numbers around it.

The University of Utah’s Data Classification and Encryption Rule (4-004C), which supports Information Security Policy (4-004), outlines how to protect the U’s data through classification, encryption, and retention.

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Explainer: Information Security Risk Management Rule (4-004B)

A compass with the word

Rule 4-004B outlines how the university will secure IT systems that interact with university data and provides guidance on how to assess, prepare for, and handle information security risks.

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A few simple actions make it easy to stay safe online

Neon shields

You are not powerless against online threats and attacks. In fact, a few simple actions can make a big difference toward securing your data and devices. For Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the Information Security Office will share some resources to get you started.

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