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Explainer: Remote Access Rule (4-004H)

An illustration of a man standing before a wall with a keyhole opening. Through the opening, a bright line shines out from a city skyscape.

Rule 4-004H outlines the requirements and user responsibilities when accessing the university’s IT resources, information systems, and information assets remotely (e.g., Citrix and virtual private network).

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ISO: Do not use Slack for university business

The Slack logo

The U does not have a license for Slack, so it is not approved for university business. It’s also not approved for creating, processing, transmitting, or storing restricted and sensitive data as required by university policy.

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IT security tip: Going beyond the basics

An illustration of two people sitting next to a laptop that has a shield on its screen. On the right is a transparent purple box with white lines to represent text. In the background is a purple wall with shield, document, email, lock, file, cloud, and magnifying glass icons.

While basic IT security practices will help you protect your data, you can take additional steps to make a data breach or cyberattack more difficult for criminals and incident response easier for you.

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A data privacy 'GUT Check' for synthetic media like ChatGPT

An illustration of a brain made of geometric shapes on an orange background filled with letters, numbers, and thin lines connected by dots.

With the rise of synthetic media like ChatGPT, it’s important to increase our technological literacy and implement healthy, curious, and cautious data privacy habits to protect our personal information.

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Memo: Remove account access for terminated faculty, staff

An illustration of two circles on a blue background containing binary code (ones and zeroes). In the left circle is a blue folder with a closed white lock on it. In the right circle is a red folder with an open white lock.

On March 1, Chief Financial Officer Cathy Anderson and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Mitzi Montoya emailed the Council of Academic Deans about appropriately managing account access and university data when faculty and staff leave the U or transfer to another unit.

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Explainer: Physical and Facility Security Rule (4-004F)

A photo illustration of a white translucent shield with a keyhole overlaying a darkened image of the University of Utah's Park Building.

Rule 4-004F outlines the requirements to protect university buildings, facilities, IT systems, network and power cables, and other university property, as well as U community members, from myriad threats.

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Explainer: Change Management Rule (4-004E)

The Change Management process

The rule ensures that all relevant parties know about IT changes and that the U’s IT systems and resources work properly after any changes. It also makes it easier to prevent unsuccessful changes and implement similar changes in the future.

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