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Governance roundup for April

Architecture and New Technology Committee (ANTC)

March 27 • Agenda • Summary

  • Clayton Barlow, associate director for Enterprise Architecture, reviewed the network vision statement written by the Network Architecture Community of Practice (CoP), and the committee voted to adopt and ratify the vision statement.
  • Barlow also reviewed three documents associated with private IP space allocation management - private IP address space strategy for 2017 (voted approved), use of IPv4 private address space (voted approved), and use of IPv6 address space (information-only).
  • Mike Ekstrom, director for UIT Network and Communications Infrastructure, reviewed a proposal to meet the requirements of Senate Bill 14, which he previously discussed in the February ANTC meeting. The bill requires the U to meet three conditions by July 1, 2017 in regards to emergency dialing and accuracy of the phone location database. Ekstrom reviewed the progress so far in meeting the requirements of the bill, and there was general agreement from the committee that this item didn't require an official vote, but that the proposal could move forward as planned.
  • Chief Technology Officer Jim Livingston presented updated pricing for UIT storage options, and made note that UIT has been able to reduce storage costs by about 40%. Livingston also reviewed object storage, which is currently in the process of being implemented. 

April 24 • Agenda

  • Jon Thomas, director for Teaching and Learning Technologies, gave an update on the computer lab statistics monitoring working group and the approach they're taking towards establishing standards for reporting on lab statistics and usage across campus. This was an information-only item.
  • Chief Information Officer Steve Hess reviewed the campus IT strategic plan and the progress that's been made so far on each top IT initiative over the past year. This was an information-only item.
  • Trevor Long, associate director for UIT Network & Core, presented a campus wireless strategy for approval. The strategy, while not yet a tactical plan, is an overarching strategy that assesses the current state, objectives, and future state of wireless on campus. The committee voted to approve the strategy as-is, and it will now move to SITC for approval.
  • Ekstrom presented the overall strategy for Unified Communications at the U, and covered what is already being provided in the way of services on campus and usage trends associated with those services, as well as the UC vision. The committee voted to approve the strategy to move on to SITC for approval, pending the addition of one slide shown at the end of the presentation. 
  • During the open floor, there was a brief discussion regarding UMail and inbox storage, and the rationale behind storage limits. There was general agreement from the group that Ekstrom should come back at a later meeting to discuss UMail strategy, current capabilities, and answer questions regarding storage. 

Teaching and Learning Portfolio

March 28-29

  • The portfolio met over these two days to deliberate and make decisions on funding based on the student computing fee / learning spaces proposals from 24 colleges/groups/departments. The group first reviewed a short list of projects that had been identified as potentially falling under the "do not fund" category, then pared that list down before considering the remaining projects. The group weighed whether or not to fund innovative (but expensive) technology, and determined if the project directly affected student learning, it would be more likely to be funded. Throughout the discussions, the group continued to reiterate that if a central campus resource existed, the college/department should use that resource before requesting funds in the proposals. There was also significant discussion regarding how to approach funding requests for new and/or existing VDI projects.
  • Ultimately, it was noted that a large majority of proposals were much more straightforward with eligible funding requests (versus in years past), and this made for an easier, more efficient discussion and allocation of funds overall.

Strategic Information Technology Committee (SITC)

  • SITC did not meet in April. The next SITC meeting will be held on May 16, 2017, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. at the Eccles Broadcast Center, Dumke Room.
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