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Kudos & Congratulations - April 2018

Congratulations to John Wood and Tyler Sauer (both from Network & Communications Infrastructure) for winning the March 2018 prize drawing!

UIT staff recognized for their excellent work

With things breaking and constantly changing business needs, keeping up with an ever-changing workload can be challenging. One of the ways we track how well we’re doing in NCI to meet customer expectations is if we are resolving incidents within the SLA and fulfilling requests by their due dates. I just wanted to give a quick shout out to the service coordinators – specifically Samantha Lankford, Cory Hale, and Peter Monson – Information Coordinator Teri Pearson, and John Wardle on the UTV team for managing their workload (incidents and requests), and meeting service level targets on incidents and due dates on customer requests for the last few weeks.

~ Craig Bennion, Network & Communications Infrastructure

Kudos to Elaine Gallegos and David Young, who actually went to the FedEx facility to intercept a shipment of phones needed for a high profile installation.

~ Bryan Morris, UIT Network & Core

Congratulations to the entire Network Team for weathering the bizarre power event that hit the Salt Lake Valley on April 9. Of the hundreds of switches impacted, nearly all rebooted without issue! A few needed manual help and only three switches were damaged. A BIG THANK YOU to them because a success like this is the result of small things, like process and clean configs, that take place every day.

~ Trevor Long, UIT Network & Core

Kudos to Earl Lewis for working with the College of Engineering to secure the POWDER grant. Earl worked with Engineering to develop the project plan, budget, and risk assessment in the RFP. Earl will also take on the role of project manager for the 5-year grant.

~ Jill Brinton, Project Management Office

Thanks Judy Yeates for helping with Gartner and keeping my time in check, thanks Michel Hicks for keeping supplies that I need on hand, thanks Peter Monson for pushing through purchases, thanks Caryn Ujifusa for scheduling those hard to put together meetings; getting through the days and weeks would be a lot harder without you!!!

~ Dave Huth, Product Management (CTO Office)

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