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MATLAB license renewal means continued savings for U community

By Jesse Drake

UIT's Office of Software Licensing (OSL) is pleased to announce that the campus-wide MathWorks MATLAB Total Academic Headcount (TAH) license — a bundle that includes MATLAB, Simulink and 49 companion products — has been renewed for the third year.

The licensing agreement provides significant savings to users at the university. The MathWorks single-user academic license remains $30 for students and $135 for employees for the new licensing term from September 1, 2019 to August 31, 2020.

MATLAB is a programming environment with its own matrix-based language that allows users to analyze data develop algorithms, and visualize computational mathematics with models and applications.

To purchase a MathWorks MATLAB TAH license, visit and select the VISIT OUR STORE button. After entering your uNID and password, you will be redirected to the OSL web store, where you may search for the product and select the type of license you need.

OSL Vendor Manager Bill Lutz said that before the licensing agreement, the vendor indicated that 400 to 500 U students were using the software. Since the university signed a campus license, OSL has sold an increasing number of student licenses — from 930 users in 2017 to 1,178 in 2018, and 1,511 in 2019.

Tripling the number of student users is a welcome development, but represents only a fraction of the U's student body.

"The more people who purchase a MATLAB license from OSL will result in lower per-license costs for everyone," Lutz said.

If you have any questions about this license renewal, please contact the Office of Software Licensing at


Note: Instructors and researchers may consult with MathWorks Engineer Beth Bezaire at 310-819-4904 for free.

Companion products

In addition to MATLAB and Simulink, the TAH flicense features 49 companion products, including:

Last Updated: 8/28/19