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Kudos & Congratulations - February 2018

Congratulations to Beth Sallay (Campus Computer Support) and Brent Ridgeway (Network & Communications Infrastructure) for winning the January 2018 prize drawing!

UIT staff recognized for their excellent work

Thank you so much to Monte Shaw, Mary Smithing, Christian Rawlings and Mike McCloskey for their help with moving computers at Student Health during their renovation. And thank you to Amy Talbot for making sure phones and data lines were ready for these moves to happen.

~ Beth Sallay, Campus Computer Support

Kudos to Landon Barker from ITS - Field Services who immensely helped me with a power outage which caused a secluded network outage at 615 Arapeen due to a network blade not coming back online. Landon is awesome! Each time I work with Landon is a pleasure. He is always so willing to help and sees the big picture of UIT as one large team. When Landon first went onsite, there was some ambiguity if the issue was network, or client-based. We had just suffered a power outage across the Research Park area and a couple of clients at the time were having issues at 886 (615 Arapeen). Landon was ready to work on the issue in any way that he could and I greatly appreciate his willingness to help after the issue was identified as a network blade that was not connected to the correct power source and therefore offline. Landon helped us expedite a resolution for the end-users as well as liaison the situation to the NOC. Much appreciated, Landon!

~ Tyler Sauer, UIT Network & Communications Infrastructure

It is not very often that student employees earn a “5” rating in their monthly Student University Development Opportunity (sUdo) evaluation. Fives are typically reserved for elite performers. During their last monthly evaluations, Paul Gentile and Cindy Liao each got a “5” for doing exceptionally well and far exceeding their mentors’ expectations. Paul was able to solve a reporting issue in the Avaya Site Administration that had stumped his mentor, and as a result inputting phone data for monitoring and billing became much easier. He continues to assist with the fax machine testing on campus. Cindy is new to the sUdo program, but has already provided updates for more Product Management (CTO) UIT Knowledge Base articles than had been requested. Plus, she also wrote a few brand new ones. Both Paul’s and Cindy’s efforts are examples of how awesome it can be to work with the fantastic student talent found at the University.

~ Elliot Fenech, UIT/ITS Service Management

I really enjoyed working with Monte Shaw on a stylus issue I recently had. He displays excellent customer service skills.

~ Kim Tanner, UIT/ITS Software Platform Services

CHPC recognizes Chonghuan Xia for her many contributions to the department. She has been with us since May 2016 and has proven herself to be a reliable and capable member of our staff. She has made many improvements to our operational environment, and quickly addresses any bugs we may find in our backend systems. One of her recent projects was to develop a system to gather the necessary data from users requesting an account or new project in our Protected Environment. She also recently developed an “adherence form” for users requesting elevated privileges on our systems, where users confirm their adherence to our policies when granting such rights. Kudos to Chonghuan for all you do for department and user community!

~ Julia Harrison, Center for High Performance Computing

Thank you to Shellie Eide, Craig Bennion, Jonzy, Dylan Pocock, and Andrew Reich for helping to gather information for the LeRoy Eide memorial webpage. I appreciate your efforts toward publicly recognizing LeRoy's tremendous positive impact on so many people, as well as how much he contributed to the University of Utah.

~Cassandra Van Buren, UIT Strategic Communication

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