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Note: This column is part of a semi-regular feature that highlights current events in UIT's Network Services group.

Network News guest column: Training modules in pilot phase

Tyler Sauer, 
Network Operations

By Tyler Sauer, technical supervisor, Network Operations

The University of Utah's Network Servuces Team is piloting a training program for UIT and IT staff across campus using the Canvas learning management system.

Due to popular demand, and an increase in distributed access to InfoBlox, we have decided to document InfoBlox how-to training modules in one central location for UIT to share with other university IT groups. While still in the early stages and under active development, the platform will allow us to document how to use a variety of tools that the Network Team administers and allows distributed access to, depending on who is the point of contact (POC) for various subnets.

Florian Stellet, my Network Core Engineering colleague, joined me to present preliminary Infoblox training on September 12, 2017 at a UIT Talks event. The presentation, which was recorded and is available in Box, spawned plans to further document UIT's catalog of tools for local IT and UIT staff members. In addition, the tool catalog will be used for onboarding student employees who join the Network Operation Center (NOC) team.

The purpose of the course that we're building in Canvas is not to train on what networking is and the general subjects around it. UIT provides external CompTIA Network+ content to train on network terms and knowledge. Our course is only intended to provide documentation, standardization, and training on UIT's NOC tools.

Course offerings in the pilot

  1. Links to external content for CompTIA Network+ certification training
  2. Links to the UIT service management tool training, ServiceNow
  3. Network Operations – Troubleshooting and Triage (overviewing several tools and the “UIT NOC T-Shoot Mindset”)
  4. Network Automation and Reporting – TOAST
  5. Network Load Balancing – NetScaler

Please note: These modules are currently in phase two of the pilot, which consists of additional content creation, as well as piloting from the NOC desk. Phase one was completed in conjunction with College of Law's IT team.

Future course offerings

  1. Network Wireless Management – Cisco Prime
  2. (Complete) Rollout of Network DDI – InfoBlox
  3. Network IP/Contact – POC
  4. Other items of interest

Please note: These courses are on track to be released before the end of 2018. They will be made available to IT departments after evaluation of requests.

If you would like more information, please email me at

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