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Photos: Anita Sjoblom retirement reception

By Jesse Drake

At a retirement reception June 16, Chief Technology Officer Jim
Livingston thanked Anita Sjoblom for her service to UIT and the U.

On June 16, friends and coworkers gathered at 102 Tower to bid farewell to Anita Sjoblom, product manager in UIT since 2010. Sjoblom is retiring and relocating to Mesquite, Nevada with her fiancé Dennis and dog Reesie.

"Anita's just one of those shining stars, in so many different ways," said Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Jim Livingston. "Her professionalism, her kindness, is unparalleled. She's just one of those unique individuals that makes the workplace such a better place. And I think you all know what I mean. When she walks into a room, she just brightens up the room."

"She’s going to be greatly missed by many, you all know what an empty hole it's going to leave for our organization, and in our hearts."

Sjoblom, in turn, thanked her colleagues for making her professional life at the University of Utah so special (she studied environmental science at the U before completing a bachelor's degree in sciences at Westminster College).

"It's been a great life, working with all of you brilliant, fine, and wonderful people. ..." Sjoblom said. "I'll really miss you folks. That's the hard part, and that's where I start to cry. That's the hardest part about saying goodbye – saying goodbye to all my friends and wonderful people I’ve been so blessed to meet here. It's just been a fun experience for me. What a great way to end my career, here at the University. Thank you all."

The retirement reception was catered by Corner Bakery Cafe and featured departing gifts and a "digital greeting card."

See photos of the event below:

Last Updated: 6/28/17