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Coming soon: Affordable archival storage for U campus/hospital

By Emily Rushton 

University Information Technology is excited to announce a new service that’s sure to make IT managers happy: affordable object-based storage for archives, backups, and data replication.

“The community needs to know that what we’re offering is very competitive with other external offerings,” said Jim Livingston, Chief Technology Officer. “It’s beyond competitive.”

So competitive, in fact, that the user’s cost per gigabyte/per month will be a mere $0.005. If you’d like your data replicated, it’ll be another $0.005 (per GB, per month).

Object-based storage is slower by design – it’s meant for data that needs to be stored, but isn’t necessarily accessed very often.

“You can take what’s actively being utilized on higher speed, higher-end disk – stuff that is not accessed so much – and migrate off to save the footprint in the higher cost storage,” said Shawn Halladay, associate director for Hardware Platform Services.

In addition to the incredibly affordable pricing, this type of storage also provides automated lifecycle management, automated tiering, data enrichment, and protection against ransomware. It’s also backup-less, and it will link to the cloud.

“Not only are we giving you dirt cheap storage, but it has so much capability,” said Livingston.

Campus and hospital departments have long been asking for an affordable storage solution for archival and backup needs – especially those departments looking to replace their tape storage.

“This is that solution for them,” said Livingston.

And that’s not all – pricing for all UIT storage solutions will soon go down by about 40%, including storage for virtual machines and network-attached file storage. And if you have unique needs that aren’t met by the existing solutions, UIT will work with you to find a solution that does work. 

“We can have that conversation, because we can custom-fit these solutions to whatever it is that you’re needing,” said Livingston.

If your department is interested in using UIT’s new object-based storage solution, please contact Caprice Post, UIT product manager.

Note: Official order forms for UIT storage solutions are coming soon to the Service Catalog.

Last Updated: 6/28/17