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Meet Your Colleagues: TLT Video Services Team

TLT's Video Services Team, from left: McCade Child, Chris Hunter, Kenny Larson, 
Natalie Kimura, Nathan Stuver, Chris Dawson, Adam Stewart, Pete Hemingway (back), 
Jason Martindale, and Cyrus Neese. Not pictured: Nic Neilsen, Nick Day, and Gretchen
Lohse. Alex Diamond, Alex da Silva, Alex Farah, and Silas Janjua are pictured below.

By Jesse Drake

Experts at being inconspicuous, you might not realize that the Video Services Team in UIT’s Teaching & Learning Technologies records, on average, 15 classes each school day, and over the past two academic years, has filmed and edited about 1,500 short video “modules” for UOnline courses.

“What I like most about the job is how we're on our own – we come in for an event, grab our stuff, and go get it done,” said Lead Camera Operator McCade Child.

Added Camera Operator Nathan Stuver, “We're pretty lucky to work in a field that provides a creative outlet and a lot of independence.”

Associate Director for Operations Adam Stewart noted that modules differ from “lecture capture”-style content, in which an operator records a complete lecture being delivered in the classroom. Modules are designed from the ground up to be delivered and consumed online, whereas lecture capture videos document content being presented to an in-person audience. These videos are supplemental to in-class instruction – used for class review, student presentation review, instructor evaluation, etc.

From left: Alex Farah and Alex da Silva.

From left: Alex Farah and Alex da Silva.

From left: Alex Diamond and Silas Janjua.

From left: Alex Diamond and Silas Janjua.

Reporting to Stewart, Video Supervisors Chris Dawson (Post-Production) and Pete Hemingway (Pre-Production) lead the team, which includes Video Production Specialist Kenny Larson, UOnline Multi-Media Specialist Natalie Kimura, and 12 camera operators – McCade Child (lead), Nick Day, Alex de Silva, Alex Diamond, Alex Farah, Chris Hunter, Silas Janjua, Gretchen Lohse, Jason Martindale, Cyrus Neese, Nic Neilsen, and Nathan Stuver. Most of the unit’s part-time positions are filled by students, many of whom move on to full-time positions. When demand is at a peak, non-student, part-time staff step in for students who need to attend class.

The team is responsible for digital video recording and streaming of traditional courses, lectures, student presentations, and other special events such as graduations and the U School of Medicine’s White Coat Ceremony and Match Day. They facilitate interactive video conferencing  and provide post-production/duplication services such as editing, DVD disc authoring, disc duplication, format transfers, compression, and captioning. Marriott Library's Faculty Center contains in-house editing bays and a video studio that's ideal for recording interviews and other professional presentations.

“There's a lot of variety in what we do,” said Camera Operator Cyrus Neese. “I like that I’m always doing something different. One day it’s a class, the next, an event.”

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Last Updated: 5/30/17